19 Supplies You Need for Tagging

Whether you’re a first-time seller or a seasoned pro, our list of supplies is a great place to start when you’re ready to get your items tagged.

  1. Cover Stock Paper minimum #67lbs or Higher –for printing your tags. Tags printed on 20lb printer paper tear easily and will NOT be accepted. White or cream-colored paper only.
  2. Wire Hangers (in-person only) – You can get these from most dry cleaners for free. They can also be bought on Amazon, Walmart or at a Dollar Store.
  3. Safety Pins – Variety of sizes to secure clothing to hangers and secure tags to clothing. No 1” gold pins please!
  4. Zip Ties – Variety of sizes to attach tags to shoes and secure things together.
  5. Hole Punch – This will help when you need to zip tie your tags to an item.
  6. Ziploc Bags – You will want a variety of sizes to be used for small pieces or items with multiple pieces that can’t be zip-tied together.
  7. Packing Tape – To attach your tags to your bags (or large items) and sealing Ziploc bags closed.
  8. Masking or Painters Tape – To attach tags to books, puzzles, or other items where packing tape may damage the item.
  9. Scissors – Something always needs trimmed or cut off.
  10. Laundry Detergent – Clean and brighten clothes before selling to remove odors and dirt. 
  11. Dryer Sheets – Use something with a pleasant aroma, nothing too strong, to give the clothes a nice fresh scent. 
  12. Clothing Rack or Place to Hang Your Clothes – Make sure to identify a place in your home to put your clothes once they are on hangers. You don’t want to risk them getting wrinkled and undo all your hard prep-work.
  13. Unique Print or Colored Tape – This can be used on the top of your hangers to help quickly identify your items during pick-up after the sale.
  14. Several Cloths or Box of Swiffer Cloths – To wipe down and clean items.
  15. Batteries – Dollar store batteries are fine; you will need these to replace the ones in any items that require batteries.
  16. Screwdriver – To replace batteries.
  17. Lint Roller – To tidy up the fuzz left behind on darker clothing.
  18. Clothing Shaver – Use this if you have minor pilling on sweaters. If it doesn’t come off with this, it doesn’t come to the sale!
  19. Paper Cutter – A paper cutter will reduce your tag prepping time drastically, but scissors will get the job done.

What did we miss? Got a useful item to add to our list? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. PLEASE take off the scented dryer sheets. These are migraine triggers and require stripping the clothing before washing to remove. I have NOT bought items because the scent was so strong. These things wreak havoc on older people with memory related diseases as well as adults and children with allergies. If a person uses it normally fine but to encourage this as a necessary step or tip is insane. Clean clothes don’t stink. A vinegar rinse gets rid of lingering natural smells. It is almost impossible to get rid of the fake chemical coating that scented products give.

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