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FAQ: Never Too Early to Prepare for KidStuff Season

Hey, KidStuff Sale moms and dads!  After the busy holiday season, our toy room is a disaster area – time to clean out!  So today, I wanted to give you some helpful hints as you declutter and begin preparing your items for the spring KidStuff Sale events.  Our first event is less than two months away!

  • Enlist your kiddos’ help! We all know they don’t want to give up any of their toys- however, if they know they are making room for the new toys you find at the sale, you may be surprised at the number of things they are willing to let go.
  • Start prepping your items for the KidStuff Sale events as you pack them away. Put the toy cars into baggies for the sale now; wipe down the infant swing before placing it into storage; as you clear clothes out of drawers and closets, keep outfits together by size. Go ahead and attach clothing to wire hangers. These small steps will be a huge timesaver when you go to tag your items for the KidStuff Sale events.
  • Double-check that all pieces are present in puzzles, board games, and other small toys. These items are much more likely to sell if you can say “all pieces included” on the tag. Even an honest “blue game piece missing” makes a buyer more likely to purchase your item than if they need to open it themselves to inspect it.
  • Organize into boxes/bins by size and gender then clearly label by sale season (Spring, Fall, Virtual). Halloween and Christmas items will be sold at the fall sales events – mark your storage container so that you don’t forget to pull those items out then! If it goes in all sales, put it in the upcoming sale season box/bin.
  • Start collecting wire hangers! You can get them free from local dry cleaners. If you do it between sale seasons, there will be an abundance available.
  • As you begin “spring cleaning” your entire house, don’t forget about rooms like the kitchen- those outgrown sippy cups, plastic plates, and feeding utensils are all hot sellers at KidStuff Sale events!

The next KidStuff Sale event will be here soon.  As you start spring cleaning, prepping your items now will save you time – and make you more money at the sales!  See you there!

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