8 Ways to Maximize Your Sell-Through Rate and EARN MORE MONEY

  1. Make sure your inventory is accurate and the total # of items is what you will actually have time to tag and bring to the sale.
  2. When transferring items from a previous sale, make sure you intend to sell them in the current sale – do not transfer items that are off-season, you’ve decided to give away, or have sold elsewhere. Any item in your current inventory that is not brought to the sale will count against your sell-through rate.
  3. Inspect EVERYTHING at home first to ensure they meet KidStuff Sale quality expectations. Unsellable items removed from the floor negatively affect your sell–through rate.
  4. Make sure toys have working batteries and large equipment has been wiped down. Dirty or non-working items will be pulled from the floor and negatively affect your sell-through rate.
  5.  Secure your tags to your items properly. Use packing tape, a hole punch and zip ties to reinforce tags. (Place packing tape over the top part of the label, punch a hole through the packing tape and label, zip tie it to the item.)
  6. Place higher value items; $20+ near the register area at check-in so they can be secured.
  7. Pin clothing tags through the middle of the tag, with the safety pin going through the clothing twice. Lost tags = lost sales.
  8. Use detailed descriptions on your tags to help your tag be “reunited” with the item if they are separated.
  9. Secure clothing to the hanger. Fold packing tape over two sides of the top bar of the hanger. Pin the clothing through the packing tape to keep the item from sliding off or sideways on the hanger. For heavier pants, rubber band the button to the neck of the hanger to help support the weight.
  10. Price competitively and discount your items! Don’t “price up” to try earn a few extra dollars. If a toy typically sells for $5.00 and you price it at $6.50, it may not sell until discount day – then you’ll only earn $3.25 instead of the $5.00 if you had priced it correctly!

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  1. Hello. Is there a total number of items we can sell? I can’t seem to find item limit information except about clothing. Thank you!

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