About KidStuff

How It All Began...

In October 1997, Suzette Decker, an accomplished real estate broker and consummate entrepreneur, was chatting with clients relocating from Tennessee to Louisville. They described a consignment event they attended in Nashville and unknowingly sparked an idea in her that would ultimately change her life as KidStuff Sale was born!

With Suzette’s unique seller/buyer match-making skills that she acquired from her years in real estate, she envisioned a fun and financially beneficial way she could bring families in her community together to buy what they need…and sell what they don’t. Voilà! And the rest is history with more than 25 years and counting serving Kentuckiana families.

The very first event was held in Suzette’s backyard that brought together 30 friends and neighbors over a 3-day period. The outcome was full of promise! Sellers left the sale incredibly pleased to have money in their pockets and more storage space at home! Just as exciting, the shoppers went home just as delighted having found so many quality items at incredible bargains.

Suzette closed that 1997 event ever-more inspired and encouraged to host future events through what was to become KidStuff Sale!

Mark & Suzette Decker


Suzette Decker is the founder and owner of KidStuff Sale. As a real estate broker for over 30 years with a family of her own, Suzette has been thrilled to use her business skills and family values to bring people together in such a fruitful and fun way for over 25 years! She’s recently partnered with her husband of 30 years and together, she and Mark are eagerly exploring additional locations and venues from which to reach new families.

“Nothing has brought me, my family, and our team more joy than meeting KidStuff families and hearing how each of our events has impacted their lives, closets, and bank accounts. KidStuff Sale remains a blessing to all families who participate, as well as our local charities who benefit from donations and merchandise. Watching the reach of KidStuff in the community has been incredibly humbling since our little event in my backyard.”

Look How We've Grown!


Suzette's neighborhood sale with 30 moms. KidStuff Sale is born and word expands throughout Louisville.


KidStuff Sale expands to an 8k sq ft venue, increasing to 250 consignors.


KidStuff Sale continues to grow... Larger venues and 350 consignors! Events are added in Oldham County and Southern Indiana. Home Decor is an added option for sellers.


Louisville KidStuff Sale expands to 22K sq ft venue, 500+ consignors! KidStuff TagForYou Services is added for busy moms.


20th Anniversary Celebration!
KidStuff Sale is the longest-running kids' consignment event in the region!


Louisville KidStuff Sale: expands to 32K sq ft of selling space. August 2020 KidStuff Sale moves to the online market place to meet the unique needs of shopping and selling virtually.


KidStuff Sale is a staple in the Louisville resale industry. We proudly celebrate our 25th anniversary!


KidStuff Suncoast is born.
KidStuff expands virtual resale to Florida.


We look forward to continuing our mission to partner with families across Kentuckiana so parents can sell unused items a variety of ways and for the community to take advantage of the best deals available.

Meet (some of) the KidStuff Team

Tracy Suttles

"I became a Kid Stuff Sale consignor around 2005. I have 7 children and this sale is a blessing for me and my family! I can find absolutely anything I want and need EVERY season without fail. The flip side to this is also how fabulous it is to be able to sell everything I have that I don’t need anymore! I sell 75% of my inventory every season and love making the extra cash!! Last, but not least, is how much I adore the girls I work with!"

Diana Yates

"All my grandkids ensnared me into getting involved with The KidStuff Sale! The need to replace their outgrown clothes and toys is intense, so I began selling items for one of my daughters in 2015 and have participated every sale since. Partnering with the Team to help run the sale has resulted in so many friendships and memorable times. Assisting the customers has been a definite perk of being involved. Not only have I had some really fun times, but I’ve added an extra percentage to my final payout! It’s truly a pleasure to be associated with such a fun endeavor."

Emily Cooper

I discovered KidStuff Sale in 2018 and IMMEDIATELY felt welcomed and a part of the family when I came in as a new seller/worker. Shopping can be very overwhelming for me, but it was clear that this team VALUED OTHERS, customers and consignors. My children love the sale so much that they help me purge their clothes and toys to sell at each sale. They beg me to come in and shop or hop on the virtual sale website for “just ONE thing”! (We all know how that turns out.) Needless to say, I’ve settled in and become a part of the KidStuff Sale Family and Team!

Kristen Due

"For years, I had seen pictures floating around on Facebook of the rows upon rows of clothes, shoes, toys and so much more! I wanted in on that action! I dove right in and became a consignor and team partner. That sale, I made over twice what I spent…an excellent start to what would be an incredible journey with this organization. Having six children, KidStuff not only saves us literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars every year, but it has brought incredible people into our lives!"

Amy Cannon

"I discovered KidStuff Sale in the Spring of 2007, after the birth of my first son. I’ve been hooked ever since! The only thing I love more than the the thrill of the savings and deals is the group of friends I’ve made over the years. This team is like my family. Typically, you can find me manning the Facebook groups or answering email. During the sale, you can usually find me behind the registers."

Cindy Becton

"I will never forget walking into my first KidStuff Sale 10 years ago and thinking how AMAZING it was to have such a huge selection. I was about to become a Grandma (they call me “GIVA” for Grandma Diva). I needed all the things since it had been years without little ones in the house! Fast forward to now: I have 6 grandkids, and they love coming to Giva’s house because I have all the toys! This spring will be 10 years that I have been a part of the team, and I love my KidStuff family. I love seeing all our customers and helping them find great deals!"

Jona Chisholm

"I first fell in love with KidStuff Sale when I found out I was pregnant with my first son in 2014 and have shopped every sale since then.  I started as a new seller/worker during the virtual sales and made the plunge into the live sale in the fall of 2021 and have been hooked ever since.  Being a part of the live and virtual sales have allowed me to declutter our house while making some extra easy cash and most importantly allowed me to meet some amazing new people!"

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