Barcode Tagging – Detail or NO Detail – It is up to YOU!

KidStuff Sale tagging is upon us! Did you know there are two ways to tag your items? There is the traditional way of entering each item and being as specific as you want to be. Then there is also a unique system to KidStuff calls Power Tagging.

In the traditional style, sellers can really hone in on very specific aspects of each and every one of their sale items. If you opt to use the detail specific tagging such as this one, sellers can really keep track of their items that sell. They can use this method to watch their sales of each item and specifically track each item as it sells.  Here is an example of a detailed barcode tag.  The seller would know exactly when this item sells by the description field.  Below the tag is an example of what the Manage Inventory seller screen looks like if the seller decides to enter item detail.

Detailed tag sample

Detail tagging inventory example

The customer service options with the KidStuff team are limitless. If you see one of your specific items not selling, and would like to adjust the price or anything about it, as long as the KidStuff team can locate the item on the sale floor (easier for larger items, toys, equipment,etc.) they can quickly adjust it for you and get your item(s) sold. It’s a win win for everyone because you want your items to sell and they want what is best for you the seller!

 Use the detail to your advantage if that suits you as a seller. One seller told a story that her items sell best because she uses the very minute detail system. She marks her tags with how much an item was at full price, how much you’ll find it online, etc and can really show shoppers the value they are receiving for her consignment items. Some sellers love to showcase to that extent, and others may be pressed for time and want to use the Power Tagging system.


The Power Tagging system allows you to generate hundreds of barcode tags in just minutes. As a seller I have used both options, and I tend to prefer the Power Tagging option now. You generate as many tags as you want at a certain price point and then hand write your information onto the tag. It’s easy for clothing, especially if you have a lot of one type of clothes. For example, you have a lot of jeans or polo shirts-you just generate the number tags at the price point and specific size you need for those items.  If they are different sizes, simply leave the size field empty, and then write it the size for each items.  Super easy and FAST!

General detail tag sample General detail tag sample 1

There is so much flexibility in the KidStuff Sale system of tagging; as stated some people prefer to have as much detail as they want on their tags, and some people don’t want to spend time on detail and simply want to tag and get the lot done!   The best part is there are no index cards and no stickers – minimal hand writing when you compete the general fields.  Here is an example of the seller’s manage inventory page when Power Tagging her boys accessories. 

Power tagging inventory example

Power Tagging is AWESOME.  Watch this short video on how it works:  How to Power Tag! 


Remember, you can choose to Power Tag certain items such as clothing and books, and detail tag other items you choose to track such as toys and equipment or your more expensive items.  It is up to each seller to determine what works best for them. 

Sales detail is uploaded every morning for the sellers review.  Each item barcode item # by #, with detail or no detail so sellers know EXACTLY which items have sold – sellers LOVE it!  

Happy Tagging!

Suzette Decker in the founder and owner of KidStuff Sale. With Suzette’s unique seller/buyer match-making skills that she acquired from her years in real estate, she envisioned a fun and financially beneficial way she could bring families in her community together to buy what they need…and sell what they don’t. Wallah! And the rest is history with more than 25 years and counting serving Kentuckiana families.

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