Choosing a category for your items & using the Misc. category

The MISC category is limited to 5 per seller. Please think about where it would make sense to put items – here are a couple of examples: 2 pair of brand new compression knee high socks = SPORTING GOODS …. a NIB swivel car phone holder/charger and NIB magnifying lens for taking distance photos with your cellphone = ELECTRONICS and NWOT bug/mosquito nets for playpen, car seat, bouncy or stroller = INFANT MISC. Try to think of the areas that make the most sense where shoppers may be looking for similar (type) items. I know it is not perfect but it sure beats having 2,000 items in the misc category to scroll through (400+ sellers x 5 misc items each. If you truly have more than 5 items that do not fit anywhere else, message me and we can increase that # for you.

My job is to market the sale and organize the store to sell as many items as possible, last sale I spend 1/2 day putting MISC category items in a more meaningful spot (no limit that sale) – planning to avoid that issue moving forward. 🙂 🤝

Suzette Decker in the founder and owner of KidStuff Sale. With Suzette’s unique seller/buyer match-making skills that she acquired from her years in real estate, she envisioned a fun and financially beneficial way she could bring families in her community together to buy what they need…and sell what they don’t. Wallah! And the rest is history with more than 25 years and counting serving Kentuckiana families.

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