Virtual Seller FAQs

FAQ: What happens if I can’t produce an item that sold?

(missing/damaged/can’t pry it out of my child’s hands/spouse donated)

The buyer will be refunded, and your account will be assessed an administrative fee. Bring the tag to the seller check-in to turn in at the scan station.

The administrative fee is the sold cost of the item (reimbursement to the sale + commission to sale).

If you have items that upload to the storefront that you sold, cannot locate, or no longer wish to sell, we recommend you purchase those items to reduce the fees you could incur if another shopper purchases the item. Below is a breakdown of how fees are assessed and how purchasing an item you cannot produce at check-in benefits YOU: 

How the return will look if a shopper buys an item a seller cannot produce:  

Item Sold = $5.00 

Seller Profit = $3.35 (67%) 

Fee for No Item = $5.00 (sold price of item) 

Total Cost to Seller: $5.00 (sold price of item) 

Here’s a breakdown of how the return will look if a SELLER buys THEIR OWN ITEM that they cannot produce:  

Item Sold = $5.00 

Seller Profit = $3.35 (67%) 

Fee for No Item = $0 (NO RETURN FEE) 

Total Cost to Seller: $1.65 (seller purchase price – seller profit) 

By purchasing the item, as opposed to letting the item sell and get refunded, the seller saves themselves $3.35!!!! 

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