Virtual Seller FAQs

FAQ: What happens if I accidentally put the same item twice into the sale?

When an item has been entered into MyCM twice, it will publish both items on the storefront. When both items sell, the seller is responsible for both transactions. At the point of data upload, items cannot be edited or removed. This is why it is important to double check your inventory (both at home and in MyCM) frequently, especially when transferring items from previous sales.

The administrative fee is the 33% commission to the sale for marketing, posting, selling the item.

If you have items that upload to the storefront that you sold, cannot locate, or no longer wish to sell, we recommend you purchase those items to reduce disappointed customers. Below is a breakdown of how fees are assessed. For example, an item for $5 sold:

$5 * .67 = $3.35 (reimbursement of seller earning for item sold)
$5 * .33 = $1.65 (KidStuff Sale commission for marketing, posting, selling the item)

In the end, the actual fee for the $5 item sold is $1.65.

When the payout is processed, the Settlement Report will show a fee of $5.00 (listed on registration fee line) for the item refunded to the shopper. This is because the item sold and the sale will have to deduct the amount of what the seller earned, as well as the sale commission.

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