Virtual Seller FAQs

FAQ: What if I don’t see my items when the storefront opens?

  1. Go into MyCM – Manage Items and verify that you can see the photos for each item. If there is a gray X box, your item did not load into the sale site due to a photo issue. 
  2. Also in MyCM, if there is a red X with ‘CS’ next to it, the item category was never corrected before data upload.
  3. Copy the exact item name or number from MyCM into the KidStuff Store global search bar. 
  4. Wait for the email confirmation that sales have been loaded into your MyCM account, then verify the item is sold.

If you see your items with the “SOLD OUT” tag on the KidStuff Storefront and then can’t find them again, don’t be alarmed. KidStuff Sale uses an application that removes sold items from the storefront at 90-120 minute intervals so that the sale site isn’t bogged down with sold items. This is frustrating to shoppers.

MyCM and KidStuff storefront are NOT interconnected. Because of this, we must manually load the sold items from the online store to MyCM. This takes time and is not an instantaneous occurrence. Once this is completed, you will receive an email letting you know sold item information has been updated. This will occur once the sale is closed.

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