Virtual Seller FAQs

FAQ: Why does the Settlement Report show a fee that is more than what the item cost?

When a seller cannot produce an item or produces an item that does not meet the KidStuff Sale standards, the seller will be charged a fee for the cost of the item PLUS a refund back to the sale for the 67% of the item. For example, an item for $5 sold but the seller does not wish to sell it:

$5 * .67 = $3.35 (paid out for item sold)
$5 (fee for item not produced) + $3.35 (payout of item) = $8.35

When the payout is processed, the Settlement Report will show a fee of $8.35 for the item not produced. This is because the item sold and the sale will have to deduct the amount of what the seller earned, plus the fee (cost of the item).

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