Have TOYS, EQUIPMENT and other KidStuff you want to sell fast?

Here's How:

1. Gather Your Items

Toys, wagons, playhouses, bicycles, baby gear (strollers, cribs, exersaucers), seasonal best sellers, etc. The Buyer will let you know if we have a need for any other category of items.

2. Meet With Our Buyer

Once we review your request, we will meet you in public place to review your items and agree on a price for your items. Pricing is the same as the TagForYou service; expect to be offered approx. 30-50% of expected resell value. Occasionally, we offer appointments to bring your items direct to the sale venue. Options are listed in the form.

3. Get Paid Now!

You will be paid at your appointment via PayPal deposit, check, or cash. You’ll also receive two Pre-Sale passes for the upcoming KidStuff Sale Event!

Register Now

We will reach out and set a time to meet.
KidStuff Sale will purchase your gently used toys, outdoor play and equipment items for approx. 50% of resale value.

We accept winter coats, boots and shoes for approx. 40% of resale value. We will consider clothing on a limited bases - better brands (size 2T and up) for 30% of resale value. We will make you an offer on the lot and pay by check or PayPal on the spot.
Please give us an idea of the types of items you'd like to sell.

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