Seller Central

Item Prep Guidelines

Simple Steps for In-Person Consigning:

   1. Gather items.
   2. Enter into the tagging system.
   3. Tag all items.
   4. Drop off everything at one time to one location.
   5. Relax while we coordinate the marketing and selling for you. 
   6. Pick up at the end of the sale or we can donate to a local charity for you.
Item #1

What We Accept

All things kids! Check out this list to get an idea of all the things you can sell!


  • Boots
  • Sneakers
  • All Jackets
  • Snow Pants / Bibs
  • Sweatshirts / Fleece
  • Long Sleeve-Shirts
  • Pants
  • Heavy Skirts
  • Jeans / Denim
  • Fleece PJs & Sleepers
  • Long Sleeve / Pant PJs
  • Hats & Gloves
  • Short & Long Sleeve Onesies
  • All School Uniform Clothing (uniform shorts & short sleeve, solid color polos are accepted.)
  • All Sports Wear (baseball or football pants, dance & karate uniforms, etc.)
  • Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas themed clothing

Spring / Summer

  • Sandals
  • Swim Shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Short Sleeve-Shirts
  • Tank Tops
  • Shorts
  • Jeans / Denim (Sell better in winter)
  • All Skirts
  • Bathing Suits / Swim Wear
  • Puddle Jumpers / Life Vests
  • Short Sleeve / Shorts PJs
  • Rain Boots
  • All School Uniform Clothing (khaki or navy pants and long sleeve, solid color polos are accepted.)
  • All Sports Wear (baseball or football pants, dance & karate uniforms, etc.)
  • St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day themed clothing
The following items can be in the Spring / Summer Sale, but MUST be lightweight fabric & spring colors/designs:
  • Jackets
  • Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Long Sleeve / Pant Pajamas
  • Fleece Sleepers
  • Long Sleeve Onesies

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What We do not Accept

  • Recalled items. Use this resource to search and verify if your baby gear has been recalled: CPSC.GOV
  • Items that are dirty, worn, pilling, damaged, missing pieces, missing snaps, inoperable, missing batteries, etc.
  • Car seats, car seat boosters, and infant car seat bases manufactured more than seven (7) years ago, unless a later expiration date is listed on the car seat or manufacturer states a longer timeframe for expiration. (Most car seats are 7-10 years.)
  • Baby bathtubs manufactured before October 2017.
  • Crib mattresses manufactured before August 16, 2022.
  • Bumbos without straps.
  • Incline Sleepers
  • Dock-a-Tot Deluxe+ (other Dock-a-Tot variations are acceptable)
  • Used nipples – remove nipples from the bottles.
  • Rubber or silicone-coated feeding or serving items (i.e. silverware / food items).
  • Gel-filled teethers.
  • Breast Pumps unless new in box & never used.
  • VHS tapes or adult-themed DVDs or books.
  • Drop-side cribs or cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011.
  • Coordinated baby bedding (sets or pieces) except Pottery Barn – this is the only category that resells.
  • Grab bags of smaller random toys (i.e. Happy Meal toys).
  • Open cardboard box puzzles.
  • Items with vulgarity or wording that is not kid friendly.
  • Bagged clothing; Bagged socks and underwear are fine – LIKE NEW condition only!
  • Stuffed animals that are not characters or branded (i.e. Build-a-Bear, Squishmellows, Beanie Boos, Disney, etc.)
  • CDs
  • Adult clothing

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General Guidance

Help us, help you sell your gently used children’s items!

This guide gives you general information and tips on best practices that lead to a higher sell-through percentage and helps prevent tags from being separated from your items. Lost Tags = Lost Sales!


  • Add working batteries to all items.
  • Costumes / dress up go on a hanger (sell better in Fall / Winter).
  • CLEAN all items well: wipe them down with a wet or dry cloth. Check for stains, rips, tears, holes, odors or damage.
  • Tags must be printed on  65 lb or heavier cardstock, NOT standard printer paper. No textured cardstock.
  • Attach the tag using pins, packing tape, masking / painters tape or zip ties; depending on the material of the item.
  • Use only one barcode tag per item. (either normal tag or large item tag)
  • Very all parts and working order. 
  • Pins must be run through the tag twice on clothing to prevent from being torn free from item.
  • Fold packing tape over hangers of larger clothing and pin through the clothing AND the packing tape to secure items to the hanger.
  • Complete the Car Seat Checklist for all car seats.
  • Annotate manufacturers date on all cribs, car seats, car seat boosters, car seat bases, mattresses and baby bathtubs.


  • Organize your items into groups by type: toys, clothing, equipment, etc. Sort all clothing by gender, type, and size. Sorting before entering items will save you time, as you’ll only have to re-enter the price and description for each new item. Item categories remain the same until you change them.
  • Zip tie bags or multiple pieces to the large item.
  • With large items, we suggest also placing a piece of masking tape directly on the toy with your consignor number, item number, and price. This will enable us to sell your item even if the tag comes off!
  • Use masking or painters tape to attach tag on items that tape would damage.
  • Bagged items – attach tag to item inside the bag.  
  • Instruction and Warranty Documentation – added bonus for buyers on larger items! Visit the manufacturer’s website to download instructions; use a zip-lock bag and zip tie to item.
  • Use packing tape to seal baggies.
  • Use packing tape folder over part of tag when tag could be torn free from item (i.e. when punching hole for zip tie).
  • Bag any small parts and securely attach the bag to the main item.
  • Use masking or painters tape for books, DVDs, games, puzzles or other items where regular tape may damage the item.

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Barcode Tag Printing

  • Log in to MyCM.
  • From the “Manage Items” page, select the drop-down menu next to “Show [#] entries”, and then select the maximum number to print all entries. (this option will not work on a phone)
  • Select the appropriate tags you wish to generate. To select all, select the blank box in the top left corner of the grid. (Note: If you will be printing any of the “hold item” tags, you will need to uncheck these boxes when printing “full tag”.)
  • Select “Print“ at the top of the page.
  • (Note: If you are printing on a phone and have more than 24 items, you will have additional pages, the select all option does not grab those pages. You will need to print the remaining page of items as well.)
  • Download the file. This will print to a .pdf. You must have Adobe to open this file. Choose to save to your computer or to print.
  • Print at home on your excellent quality home printer… or use one of our partner printers
  • Tags must be printed on cardstock (65 lb or heavier), NOT standard printer paper. No textured cardstock.
  • Full Tag – 8 tags per page are the standard tags used for most items.
  • Hold Tag – 2 tags per page are the “large item” tags used for placing items in the hold areas or securing high-value items to the rack by the registers. This tag is not used during the Holiday sale.
  • Multi-piece large items – print a copy of full tag; write on each copy: “1 of _”, “2 of _”, etc.

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Administrative Fees

Follow the guidance in ‘What We Accept’, What We Do Not Accept’, and ‘General Guidance’ and this section should not apply to you!~ Fees help to cover the labor costs of handling, checking, pulling and storing unsellable items and/or contacting seller to come in to correct the issue. Thank you for understanding. 

Recalled Items – $25

Expired Car Seats, Car Seat Boosters, Car Seat Bases, Cribs, Mattresses – $25

Battery Replacement – $1 per battery

Stained/Damaged/Unsellable Clothing & Shoes – $1 each

Unaccepted Category Items – such as adding women’s clothing to teen and athleisurewear – $1 each

Unsellable Large Item Storage fee – $15 each item – unsellable & recalled large items brought to the sale that are pulled from the floor.

Tags won’t scan – *consider checking tags with a mobile scan app

       $10 flat fee if more than 15 sold items do not scan and require manual entry

       $25 flat fee if more than 50 sold items do not scan and require manual entry

       $40 flat fee if more than 100 sold items do not scan, or 99% of the sellers’ entire inventory requires manual entry

Valet check-in without appointment – cost of General Valet plus $5

Large Item Tag – $1 each (Forgot tag at home, only attached small tag to large item – request tag at large item check-in door)

Paper check mailed instead of PayPal – $7 (see the ‘Getting Paid’ section below)

KidStuff Sale reserves the right to charge sellers additional fees for unique circumstances that require extra administrative time and/or workload on the staff. Sellers will be notified of the intent and reason for additional fees outside of the published fee structure. Time constraints permitting, attempts to contact Sellers will first be made allowing immediate resolution to alleviate fees. 

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Tagging Guidance & Tips

Check all infant equipment, toys, etc for recalls and safety notices on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) website.

Large Item Tags

Print a large item tag, 2-to-a-page format, for larger toys, furniture, larger items that are too bulky to carry around, items that don’t fit in an IKEA bag, and High-Value merchandise (that gets secured near the registers). 

Here are a couple of YouTube videos on Large Item tags for you to check out: 

How to access and print large item tag format  

How to attach large item tag 

Examples of items that need large tags:

High-Value items, Activity Tables, Ball Pit Balls & Pits, Bassinets, Bicycles, Trailers, Booster Seats, Changing Tables, Cribs, Desks, Exersaucers, XL Toys, Large Doll Houses, Kitchens, Outdoor Games & Toys, Train Tables, Scooters, Sports Equipment, Strollers, Tents, Tunnels, Work Benches, Toy Chests, Furniture, & Unicycles 

High-Value Merchandise

High-Value Items that need to be secured to the yellow rack near the registers should be valued at $20 or more. These items require large item tags to be secured at the yellow rack near the registers. Sellers must secure these items to the rack with zip ties. High value clothing should be placed with clothing and needs a regular tag. This rack is not setup to accommodate clothing and the high-value clothing sell-through rate is higher when mixed in with clothing.

Clothing Prep Guidelines

  • OVERALL MAX 200 Hanging Items Per Seller
    • Must be seasonally appropriate
    • Items that DO NOT COUNT towards the 200-piece clothing limit:
    • Infant items that are pinned & binned
    • Winter Coats and Halloween Costumes
    • Athletic / Sports Uniforms (baseball or football pants, dance & karate uniforms, etc.)
    • Costumes / Dress Up
  • INSPECT – INSPECT – INSPECT before you enter item into the system.
  • In good lighting, check for dirt, pilling, stains, broken zippers, torn hemlines, or odor.
  • Must be clean, gently worn
  • Hang all clothing EXCEPT bundled onesies, sleepers, sleep sacks, undergarments (see guidelines below).
  • Hangers should face left when applying the tag, like looking at a question mark (?).
  • Pin all pieces of outfits to the top of the hanger.
  • Pro Tip: fold packing tape over two top sections of hanger, then pin through clothing and tape to prevent clothing from sliding off.
  • Pin tags to the top right corner of the clothing; run pin through tag twice to prevent from tearing off.
  • Pin the waist of bottoms to the top of a hanger, not to the horizontal bar or folded over.
  • Size ranges will be categorized with the lower size of the range. For example: 3-6 months get sized as 3 months and 4-5T get sized as 4T.


MAX Per Seller: 20 Onesies (4 bundles of 5)

  • Applies to basic t-shirt type onesies not part of a matching outfit.
  • Bundle in groups of five of the same size; four bundle maximum.
  • All pieces must be the same size.
  • Pin together (5 pieces) with two pins at the top (each shoulder).
  • DO NOT bag or hang onesies (with the hanging exception listed below)

Onesies Part of a Matching Outfit – Count in Max Hanging Limit

  • Hang & pin the onesie on the hanger if possible or just pin the onesie to the hanger if not
  • Make sure to pin all pieces to each other
  • If there is a jacket or vest, layer it over the onesie on the hanger
  • Pin the waist of the bottoms to top of hanger

Individual Onesies – Holiday Themed Or Designed To Be Worn As A Shirt

  • DO NOT bag or hang onesies (with the hanging exception outlined in this section)
  • Recommend pair with a bottom (pants / jeans / shorts / skirts) to make an outfit and hang
  • Only designer name brands can be hung as an individual onesie – Hang & pin the onesie on the hanger if possible or just pin the onesie to the hanger.
  • All pieces must be the same size.
  • When dealing with a mix of size specific items (3-6 months or 18-24 months), always bundle the range with the lower size. For example: 3-6 months get sized as 3 months and 18-24 months get sized as 18 months.

Examples of Onesies to Hang

Examples of Onesies to Pin & Bin


MAX Per Seller: 20 Sleepers Size: 0 – 24 months

  • Max of 10 sleepers size preemie – 6 mo. Price to sell!
  • One-piece with / without feet & sleep gowns.
  • Pin together at the shoulders in sets of 3-5.
  • Hang specialty or higher value sleepers (counts against hanging).
  • Excludes swaddles & sleep sacks.

Swaddlers / Sleep Sacks

MAX Per Seller: 20 Swaddlers / Sleep Sacks

  • Pin foot to shoulder at each should if selling individually.
  • Pin together at the shoulders if selling multiple together.
  • Only hang if higher value or specialty brands.

Teen Clothing

MAX Per Seller: 25 per Gender *until total sale inventory limit is reached – enter early!

  • *NEW REQUIREMENT* (Jan 2023) – All Teen clothing is required to be PINNED through masking or packing tape at the top bar of the hanger.
  • Accepted Brands (no excptions/ Current Styles Only:
    • Altard State
    • Abercrombie & Fitch
    • Adidas
    • American Eagle
    • Columbia
    • Hollister
    • Levis
    • Lululemon
    • Nike
    • North Face
    • Simply Southern
    • Under Armour
    • Vans
    • Vineyard Vines
    • Quality Sports Team Clothing (College / NFL / NBA / etc)

Athleisure *When accepted*

Athleisure is activewear clothing worn to perform physical fitness, athletic activities, or work out at a gym…or to appear as if you actually work out. :o)

  • NOT ACCEPTABLE: T-shirts, casual clothing, pajamas, loungewear, work clothing, women’s clothing.
  • Current brands and styles only. Brands not limited to the following, but must fall within the Athleisure criteria above:
    • Adidas
    • Athleta
    • Brooks
    • Gaiam
    • Glyder
    • Gymshark
    • Lululemon
    • New Balance
    • Nike
    • Under Armour

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  • Clean, gently worn, seasonally appropriate shoes.
  • No footprints (on sandals), dirt, scuffs, tears or excessive wear.
  • Use zip ties to attach the shoes to each other and to attach the tags.
  • Place packing tape over the top part of the tag, hole punch through tape and tag, zip tie through hole, and through eyelet or loop of shoes.
  • Do not safety pin shoes together.
  • No shoe boxes unless high value and secured with a large item tag near registers with high value items.

Infant Gear

  • Items must be CLEAN!
  • Car Seats, car seat boosters and car seat bases must not expire within the next 12 months. It must not be subject to recall or have been in an accident. You are responsible to print, review, and attach the used Car Seat Checklist to each car seat. 
  • Cribs and Pack-n-Plays must be assembled.
  • Infant carriers should be pinned to a hanger.
  • No rubber or silicone-coated feeding or serving items (i.e. silverware / food items).
  • Bundle and pin bibs together.


  • Must be clean and have working batteries.
  • All small or removable pieces must be secured in a bag to the item.

Large Items

  • Must have a large item, 2-to-a-page tag
  • Must be assembled, clean, and have working batteries.
  • All small or removable pieces must be secured in a bag to the item.
  • Bicycles must have inflated tires.


  • All stages of reading accepted: Educational Workbooks, Parenting, and Homeschool Resources.
  • Groups of books should be placed in bags; do not rubber band as books will separate.
  • Use masking or painters tape to attach tag (over barcodes).

Electronic Toys & Games

  • High-Value video game consoles should be secured on the high-value rack near the registers with a large item, 2-to-a-page tag
  • Secure game cases closed with tape.
  • Bag individual game cartridges (missing case) and tape them to a large piece of cardboard with packing tape.
  • Items requiring charging must be fully charged.


  • Games must be complete with all pieces, not exceptions.  If the game has a box, tape it closed with masking or painters tape.


  • DVD and BluRay movies; no VHS
  • Prescreen the Movies for any skipping or viewing issues.
  • Tape the case closed with packing tape.
  • Place bundles in a bag; clearly identify the titles on the tag or written in sharpie on the bag.


  • Puzzles must be complete.
  • Attach tag to box with masking or painters tape.
  • Wrap assembled wooden puzzles with plastic wrap.

Sports Gear & Equipment

  • Helmets that have not sustained a major impact.
  • Tents must be complete and free of mold and musty odors. These sell best when set up at the venue.
  • All sports equipment must be CLEAN from dirt, mud, and clay. Cleats should be washed prior to selling.

Backpacks, Lunch Boxes, Luggage

  • Must be clean, free of damage with working zippers or latches.
  • Children’s styles only.


  • Cribs (manufactured June 28, 2011 or later), changing tables, dressers, twin beds, bunk beds and more!
  • Cribs must be assembled.
  • Nursery and Youth Furniture


  • Children’s Room Décor only
  • lamps
  • wall hangings
  • photo frames, etc.

Blankets & Bedding

  • Do not hang blankets / bedding.
  • Only Pottery Barn bedding sets.
  • Blankets and sheets must be secured neatly with pins or bagged so they do not come unfolded.

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Preparing for Check-In

Is it sale time? Phew! You made it! 


Prepping Non-Clothing Items

Place non-clothing items in disposable bags or ones you do not expect to get back (i.e. larger paper or plastic shopping bags, please reserve boxes for fragile and heavy items such as books, etc.)

Number bags accordingly for smooth check-in.

  1. Shoes, Backpacks, Purses (cleats go with shoes)
  2. Kids Accessories, Belts, Underwear, Socks, Training Pants
  3. Winter/Sun Hats, Mittens, Hair Accessories, Gloves
  4. Sheets, Blankets, Pottery Barn Bedding, Room Décor, Room Accessories
  5. Infant Items: Feeding, Infant Blankets, Home Safety, Crib Accessories, Car Seat Accessories, Onesies, Sleepers, Diaper Bags
  6. Toys (battery-operated)
  7. Toys (all other)
  8. Electronics, DVD / BluRay, Etc.
  9. Puzzles, Games, Crafts
  10. Seasonal Accessories: Halloween / Easter
  11. Sporting Goods / Summer Pool Toys / Life Jackets (sports clothing should be grouped with clothing, cleats go with shoes)
  12. Books

Prepping Clothing

Clothing MUST be bundled with a rubber band LOOSELY attached at the top of the wire hanger; grouped separately by size and gender. Up to ~15 items per bundle.

Outerwear (i.e. heavy winter coats, snow pants) gets separated out from clothing and bundled by size and gender.  

Costumes get separated out from clothing and bundled by size and gender for the FALL SALE ONLY. In the Spring, they will be mixed in with the appropriate size/gender clothing. These will be dropped off in the clothing area.

*Bundling with rubber bands is an integral part of the inspection process as well as making flooring clothing quicker. Be prepared to leave the rubber bands on the clothing at seller check-in.

Teen clothing racks are ranged from sizes XS – XL. Please bundle your sizes as indicated below:

Teen sizes 00-1 (girl), 25-27 (boy), & XXS: bundle with XS

Teen sizes 2-5 (girl), 28-30 (boy): bundle with S

Teen sizes 6-9 (girl), 31-33 (boy): bundle with M

Teen sizes 10-13 (girl), 34-36 (boy): bundle with L

Teen sizes 14+ (girl), 37+ (boy), & XXL+: bundle with XL

When gathering your tagged items for check-in day please use bags and NOT boxes when possible – paper grocery bags, old gift bags, shopping bags, etc. If you use them, please take boxes back home with you.

We plan to reduce the amount of cardboard waste each sale which will also help reduce the amount of time we spend breaking down cardboard boxes and trips to the dumpster. Thanks so much!

Loading the Car (for smooth unloading at check-in)

Take a look at the check-in map and load your vehicle in the reverse order of how you will arrive at the drop-off areas. Load in this order:

Area 3 (Bag #12, Costumes, Clothing)

Area 2 (Bag #11, Large Items – wagons, bikes, large toys, cribs, car seats, exersaucers, activity tables)

Area 1 (Bags #1-10, Infant Highchairs, Infant Pack-n-Plays, Infant Bouncy Seats, Infant Swings)

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Check-In Appointment Types & Procedures

Click here for the Check-In Map!

There are two ways to check in as a seller—Standard Check-In and Valet Check-In.

Standard Check-In

Sellers place items inside each door entrance, based on the numbering system (#1-12), park, then come inside to place items on the sales floor where they will be displayed.

  • Arrive at the venue at your scheduled check-in appointment time. Scan the QR code posted under the portico and in the lobby and complete the check-in form. (QR code will be sent via email the day prior to check-in. 
  • Unload items packaged #1 – #10 into the lobby.
  • Drive around to back door to check in large toy items and furniture. 
  • Proceed to the garage door to unload hanging clothing (rubber-banded in groups of clothing by size & gender), and books bag #12. 
  • Once unloaded, park your car, return to the venue to complete check-in. Put away clothing FIRST so the Z-Racks can be made available to other sellers. Continue by putting all of your bags in the appropriate areas on the sales floor – our KidStuff Team will provide direction. Lastly, put out your books (#12) and shoes (#1)
  • While we do have rolling racks and carts, we cannot guarantee they will be available, so we recommend you bring your own wagon or cart to carry your items.
  • Clothing will be placed on the racks in the correct section by gender & size still in groups with the RUBBER BANDS ON THE HANGERSThis is very important as it helps to facilitate our inspection process.
  • Once items are put away in appropriate areas, make sure you have completed your QR code check-in, and you are done!

Valet Check-In

*updated as of Jan 2024

Sellers pull up to each door entrance, items will be unloaded based on the numbering system (#1-12).  KidStuff Sale does the rest!

Valet is available to sellers who have earned this incentive and sellers who elect to pay for the service. Time slots are limited.

Present each seller number being checked in to the Team Member. We will unload your car and place all items on the sales floor for you!

  • Arrive at the venue portico at your selected check-in appointment time.
  • Scan the QR code posted under the portico for seller check-in. If multiple seller numbers are brought in one carload, complete the QR code for each seller number.
  • The Team Member will validate the seller number on items brought to the venue. Any additional seller numbers brought to the venue without a valet appointment will be assessed fees.
  • Large items may be dropped off multiple times with no pass required.
  • All guidelines for seller check-in must be followed or fees may be assessed. A few examples follow:
    • Bundle clothing with rubber bands; grouped separately by size and gender. 
    • Write the category # on the outside of each box/bag. 
  • High-value items must be kept separate and handed to a Team Member to be secured in the high-value item area. KidStuff Sale is not responsible for securing high-value items that are placed in numbered bags.

Restock Check-In

  • Bring your items to the venue at the designated time.
  • Unload items into the venue lobby and park your car so the portico is not blocked.
  • Notify a team member that you are restocking items.
  • Scan the QR code for seller check-in at the greeter table for seller check-in.
  • Place all items on the sales floor where they will be displayed.
  • Wagons are not available for restock check-in.

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Restock Sellers

Restock items FLY out of the venue! Sellers & presale shoppers KNOW we are constantly bringing new inventory to the sale and they don’t want to miss out. 

Restock Registration BEFORE Seller Check-In:

  • Sellers who became a restock seller before the seller check-in date because seller registration filled up, you can bring ANYTHING we normally accept at an in-person sale. 
  • Quantities and total number of items accepted may be limited, depending on the capacity of the sale.

Additional Inventory Restock Registration (Opens AFTER Seller Check-In):

  • Sellers who completed registration before it filled up and want to enter additional items may register as a restock seller after seller check-in. 
  • Limited quantity of items.
  • Limited clothing sizes apply and will be announced based on the needs of the sale.
  • Toys, costumes, shoes and large items are ALWAYS accepted for restock.

Restock Check-In Procedures

  • Bring your items to the venue at the designated restock check-in time (see Seller Timeline pdf for sale).
  • Unload items into the venue lobby and park your vehicle so the portico is not blocked.
  • Notify a team member that you are restocking items.
  • Scan the QR code for seller check-in at the greeter table for seller check-in.
  • Place all items on the sales floor where they will be displayed.
  • Wagons are not available for restock check-in.

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Unsold Items

Woohoo! The sale event is over, all the hard work is done, and, if you’ve inspected and priced right, you’ve sold almost all your inventory! So, what about items that didn’t sell?

Donate Procedures

  • If you selected “DONATE”, nothing is required- all items will be donated.
  • If you did not select “DONATE” but decide you no longer want to pick up your items, great! Just leave them and any items not picked up will be donated.
  • Tax donation slips are available for you to list your unsold/donated items. These can be found in the document library below.

Pick-Up Procedures

  • Seller unsold item pick-up is listed on the seller timeline – unsold items must be claimed at that time, NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • If needed, sellers may run an unsold item report from the event navigation tab prior to arriving at the venue or cross-reference inventory to settlement reports.
  • Park and come into the venue; please DO NOT leave your car unattended in the loading area!
  • Once you’ve gathered all of your items, a Team Member will assist you to check out.
  • After you have checked out, you may move your car to the portico to load your items.
  • We recommend you bring your own bag or wagon to collect your unsold items as we do not provide wagons at check out.
  • Remaining unsold items will be displayed in retail display order, by type, gender, size, etc.
  • Items with lost tags will be on display – MyCM inventory descriptions must match in order to claim an item with missing a tag.
  • Items found to be unsellable or rejected will also be displayed to be claimed.


As stated in the seller agreement, KidStuff Sale cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen / creatively shopped items. We also cannot hold items after pick-up ends. You are welcome to notify us of items that you cannot locate and we will ask the donation pick-up team to check for them when loading.

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Getting paid

Getting Paid

  • KidStuff Sale uses PayPal to transfer seller proceeds 10-14 business days after the event.
  • If you already have a PayPal account that has the same email as your KidStuff Sale registration, email you are good to go.
  • If your PayPal account was created with an email that differs from KidStuff Sale registration, login and add your KidStuff registration email as the secondary email. Reference this document for instructions.
  • If you do not have a PayPal account go to and click on Sign Up – or you can wait until you are prompted when receiving our proceeds email from KidStuff Sale.
  • Once you receive your proceeds, you can deposit your sales directly into your personal bank account or shop using PayPal.
  • If PayPal is not an option for you KidStuff Sale will mail paper checks (less an $7 processing fee) once unclaimed funds are returned to KidStuff Sale. It is a PayPal policy to return unclaimed funds 30 days after the date of issue.
  • Question about PayPal? Contact PayPal customer service at 888-221-1161.

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Video Tutorial Library

Tips & Tricks for Sellers

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Document Library

Car Seat Sale Checklist

In order to sell a car seat at KidStuff, you'll need to complete and sign the attached checklist and acknowledgement. (PDF 123KB)

Check-In Map

Follow this map for unloaded your category bagged items.

Children's Hospital Foundation Donation Receipt

Receipt for donation of in-kind goods to Children's Hospital Foundation. (PDF 246KB)

Real Family Church Donation Receipt

Receipt for donation of in-kind goods to Real Family Church. (PDF 55KB)

WaterStep Donation Receipt

Receipt for donation of in-kind shoes and footwear to WaterStep.

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