Ways to Sell

Which way works best for YOU?

There are four ways to sell your stuff at KidStuff!

1. Traditional Event 

  • Earn 67% of sales!
  • Enter and tag your items – check-in at venue.
  • Shop seller pre-sale before public sale
  • Shop 1/2 price sale before public
  • If you choose, unsold items are donated to charity for you!

2. Virtual / Online Sales

  • Earn 67% of sales!
  • Enter your items online.
  • Tag and check-in only the items that sell.
  • No online chatting or negotiating prices.
  • No missed meet-ups or porch pick-ups.
  • Shop before the public!

3. TagForYou Program

  • TFY sellers earn 40% of sales!
  • We store/tag/price/prep and deliver for you.
  • Shop seller pre-sales before the public.
  • Save time and make money.
  • If you choose, unsold items are donated for you!

4. Buyfromyou Program

  • Earn flat amount per item/order!
  • Sell to KidStuff outright vs. waiting.
  • Clear the clutter now.
  • Shop before the public!

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Ways to Sell

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