How to Sell Online at Kidstuff

Love to clear clutter, make money, and shop for great deals in your community—all from home on your computer or phone?

Sounds like you'd be a fabulous online consignor!

Virtual Seller 101


Why Consign?

What to Sell

Need-to-Know Virtual Seller Info

  • Registration fee – $10.00
  • Enter up to 300 items plus restock! 
  • Earn 67% of sales
  • Seller payments via PayPal – 10-14 days
  • Employment opportunity and barter shifts for those interested

Virtual Seller Central

We’ve developed some tips to help our our virtual/online sellers maximize their profits and reduce the amount of unsold merchandise. Once you have registered, you can check out Seller Central, which gives you an even deeper look at selling online. After reading the instructions on that page, feel free to reach out to us at su*****@ki**********.com or call (502)209-9899 for assistance. We’re happy to help!

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