How to Transfer Inventory

Transferring barcodes from one KidStuff Sale to another is easy! Whether you are joining us the same season, at another event location, or saving items for the next season sale – once the tagging work is done transferring unsold items is super easy!

Once you enter a barcode into MyCM (more about that here), you can edit, transfer, and reprint it for future events. The only exception would be categories that may not be accepted at specific events – for example, items sold in a virtual sale that are not accepted at the in-person sale.

Note: The previous sale must be unlocked by KidStuff in order for you to access the unsold items that you want to transfer. This is usually done one or two days after the close of that sale.

Transferring Your Items From One Sale to the Next

  1. Register and log in to the upcoming sale.
  2. Under the main menu in the upcoming sale, select “Item Transfer”.
  3. From the drop-down box, select which event you wish to transfer from. You’ll now be looking at the previous sale’s inventory. If you are close to the previous sale date you may notice items are marked “$” or “Not Sold”. This will occur until sold items are purged.
  4. Select the items and barcode tags you want to transfer by clicking on the appropriate check boxes. Choose only those items that are accepted for the upcoming season and that you know you physically have. *Take a physical inventory of your items as you transfer.
  5. Select “Transfer Items Now”. A box will pop up and tell you if there were any *errors in your transfer. 
  6. Once you have transferred your items, go back to “Manage Items” to confirm the **transfer.
  7. If transferring from in person to virtual, ensure your description is updated to meet the guidelines set forth for the virtual sale. This will ensure your items are grabbed by the search and filter functions.

*If you had items that won’t transfer, it is because the categories are slightly different. If the error states that the maximum inventory for those items has been reached, the category may not be allowed, or it may be an item that fits a different category in the current sale. You will have to manually enter these items in the new sale.

**After transferring, if there is an ‘X’ or any red font listed to the left of an item in your current sale ‘Manage Items’ screen, you will need to edit the size, category or photo (virtual) this for this item to publish.

Verify Inventory for Accuracy

Verify each item as you transfer. ONLY transfer items you can visibly confirm you still have on hand. There are multiple negative effects of mindlessly transferring items.

  1. Sell-Thru Rate (In-Person & Virtual). Often KidStuff Sale will provide an abundance of incentives to sellers with high sell-thru rates. Each item not brought to the venue cannot sell, which automatically decreases sell-thru potential.
  2. Seller Payout (Virtual). Sold items not brought to the venue will accrue administrative fees that are deducted from seller proceeds.
  3. Sales Lost (Virtual). Sellers are often selling similar items and a shopper could have purchased from another seller who had the item available. 
  4. Shopper Retention (Virtual). Shoppers are excited about picking up their purchased items. Disappointed shoppers may not return to buy your items the next sale.


Tried these steps and still need help?

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