The Scoop on Power Tagging

Don’t care about tracking inventory or sales by item for the In Person events? Donating all items anyhow? You can use this power tagging option to make simple tags, fast!  

Power Tagging is when a seller creates a large quantity of pre-priced barcode tags without description detail. Tags are required to have accurate categories and sizes but do not require detailed information. This can be helpful when pricing items such as books, accessories, etc.

Power Tagging can be helpful when you are short on time and need to create tags before the online inventory system locks in preparation for the event. Power Tagging is fast and easy if online reporting and tracking are not important to you. 

Each item must have a unique barcode assigned. Do not attach the same barcode to multiple items. If you bring 100 items, you should enter 100 items into the system to generate 100 unique barcodes.

Here are some PROS and CONS to using pre-priced barcode tags:


  • Power Tagging saves loads of time entering data into the system.
  • Great option for people who don’t type fast or are less experienced with computers.
  • When power tagging, you can still hand write details onto the tag.


  • If a tag falls off during the event we can’t match blank tags up with items and this item will not sell.  *We do not sell items without tags.
  • Sellers are not able to track specific items that have sold during the sale. 
  • Sellers who pickup unsold items are not able to run a report of what items they are looking for. *This is not an issue for sellers who select ‘Donate’ on all items.
  • Sellers may not pick up any items that have a lost tag without proof from their MyCM description that it is their item. 
  • These items are not as easily transferred to the Virtual Sale. *The Virtual Sale requires descriptions for online selling.
Have you tried using Power Tagging? What did you think? Tell us in the comments.

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