Pssst…Secrets to Successful KidStuff Shopping

Pssst… Want to know one of the secrets to a truly successful KidStuff Sale shopping experience? 

You need a list! Just like you take a list to the grocery store, a KidStuff sale is no different. Plan ahead and you’ll be ready for that sudden growth spurt in a few months’ time or have a few small things tucked away for the “I’m bored” rainy days. 

Here are some tips to making a great list:

1) Check your kids’ closets and drawers for current sizes and make sure to think about the next TWO sizes up, so you’ll be covered for a growth spurt or brands that run small. The same goes for shoes and accessories! 

2) Think ahead on seasonality. A spring sale means summer shopping, a fall sale means winter clothes. Rain boots, pool gear, and sandals? Or snow boots and winter hats and gloves? Try and think about where your “little feet” might be in a snow boot four months from now. 

3) Don’t forget holidays! A spring sale brings Easter and the 4th of July, the fall sale Halloween and Christmas. Need costumes, special clothes for holiday get-togethers, or special occasions? Don’t forget to have a peek at dress shoes, too.

4) Birthdays and Christmas gifts! One of the great things about a KidStuff Sale is getting bargain-priced small “just cause” gifts or rainy day activities that can be stashed in a closet and brought out to surprise your kids later on. You know your kids’ interests best, but we all know they can change on a dime. Get more for less at KidStuff Sale! 

5) Sports gear! Got a kid thinking about baseball or soccer, but don’t want to buy new gear if it doesn’t work out? Remember to have a look through our sports and outdoor gear for gently used equipment at a fraction of the cost of new. 

6) Books and educational materials! KidStuff Sale has a great selection of books for every interest and reading level, including older kids and even parenting titles and how-to books. 

7) Family activities! Don’t forget board games for family game night. Puzzles and art supplies, too.

8) And lastly, don’t forget their bedrooms and the kitchen. KidStuff Sale has plenty of kids’ decor, bedding, rugs, and tablewares, too.

(New parents – we haven’t forgotten you, but honestly? You need a whole separate list and that’s another post entirely. Phew! But don’t worry – KidStuff Sale has you covered, too.)

So take a look around your space and see what you need, make a list, and come prepared. You never know what you may find at a KidStuff Sale. And the best part about it? You can always sell it back come the next sale!

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Suzette Decker in the founder and owner of KidStuff Sale. With Suzette’s unique seller/buyer match-making skills that she acquired from her years in real estate, she envisioned a fun and financially beneficial way she could bring families in her community together to buy what they need…and sell what they don’t. Wallah! And the rest is history with more than 25 years and counting serving Kentuckiana families.

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