Ready, Set, Sold Item Prep…Virtual Style!

Can you believe all the things you sold at KidStuff Virtual Sale?! Don’t worry, this page will remind you of some basic points to ensure your items get safely to the shopper.


  • All clothing must be free of damage, stains, pet hair and must be ODOR FREE.
  • Shoes must be clean – be sure to wash them (magic erasers are great on scuffs!).
  • Bag, tape, or zip tie all parts to toys.
  • Box or package delicate and fragile items as if you were shipping via USPS to prevent from breaking. There will be many items bagged together after you drop them off and items will be touched again upon our final inventory.


  • Sold item tags must be printed on heavy white paper, 67lbs or heavier.
  • Each barcode must be scanned at check-in and will be inventoried after orders are filled.
  • Secure the tag to the item so the item and tag do not become separated.
  • Use baggies, cable ties, and/or packaging tape to help tags stay with oddly shaped items like shoes, toys, and infant gear.
  • If grouping same seller items together in one bag/box, all tags must show on the SAME SIDE of the bag/box.
  • DO NOT stack tags inside the bags.


  • Each item must be packaged separately and have a unique shopper barcode tag attached.
  • Clothing and outfits are folded and secured in clean baggies/bread bags. This keeps the clothing neat, together, and prevents damage from other items in the shopper’s bag.
  • Use larger shopping bags for bulky items like bedding.
  • Make sure pieces are secured and accounted for. Secure bag by knotting, taping, or stapling closed.
  • Outfits are folded and secured by rubber bands, safety pins, or clean baggies/bread bags.
  • If grouping same seller items together in one bag/box, all tags must show on the SAME SIDE of the bag/box.
  • Do not strap multiple items together with rope/cord/string.
  • Cellophane bags break easily, and pieces get lost.


Bagged Shirt – Copy Bagged Book – Copy Shoes Wall Decor Tag FurnitureLoose Attached Parts

(coming soon insert photos of good virtual packaging)


Shoe Safety Pin & Paper Tagging GunMultiple Bags in Bag 1Affix Tags to one side of bag if multiple – Copy

(coming soon: insert photos of BAD virtual packaging)

Emily Cooper
Emily Cooper

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