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Item Prep Guide

  • Organize your items into groups by type: toys, clothing, equipment, etc. Sort all clothing by gender, type, and size. Sorting before entering items will save you time, as you’ll only have to re-enter the price and description for each new item. Item categories remain the same until you change them.
  • Large item tags (Hold tag /2-to-page format) – used for hard to carry or do not fit in an IKEA bag.
  • Multi-piece large items – print multiple copies of tag; write on each copy: “1 of _”, “2 of _”, etc.
  • Zip tie bags or multiple pieces to the large item.
  • With large items, we suggest also placing a piece of masking tape directly on the toy with your consignor number, item number, and price. This will enable us to sell your item even if the tag comes off!
  • Use masking or painters tape to attach tag on items that tape would damage.
  • Bagged items – attach the tag to the item inside the bag.  
  • Add working batteries to all items.
  • Instruction and Warranty Documentation – added bonus for buyers on larger items! Visit the manufacturer’s website to download instructions; use a zip-lock bag and zip tie to item.
  • Costumes / Dress Up go on a hanger (sell better in Fall / Winter).
  • Use packing tape to seal baggies.
  • Use packing tape folder over part of tag when tag could be torn free from item (i.e. when punching hole for zip tie).
  • Pins must be run through the tag twice to prevent from being torn free from item.
  • CLEAN all items well: wipe them down with a wet or dry cloth. Check for stains, rips, tears, holes, odors or damage.
  • Ensure you have all the parts and the item is in working order. 
  • Bag any small parts and securely attach the bag to the main item.
  • Attach the tag using pins, packing tape, masking / painters tape or zip ties; depending on the material of the item.
  • Use masking or painters tape for books, DVDs, games, puzzles or other items where regular tape may damage the item.

Clothing Prep GUidelines

  • INSPECT – INSPECT – INSPECT before you enter item into the system. In good lighting, check for dirt, pilling, stains, broken zippers, torn hemlines, or odor. 
  • Must be clean, gently worn
  • Hang all clothing EXCEPT bundled onesies (see guidelines below).
  • Hangers should face left, like a question mark (?).
  • Pin all pieces of outfits to the top of the hanger. 
  • Idea: fold packing tape of two top sections of hanger, then pin through clothing and tape to prevent sliding off. 
  • Pin tags to the top right corner of the clothing; run pin through tag twice to prevent from tearing off.
  • Pin the waist of bottoms to the top of a hanger, not to the horizontal bar or folded over. Idea!
    *Recommend folding packing tape over the hanger and run the pins through the packing tape to attach to the hanger. This keeps the bottoms from sliding to one end of the hanger. 
  • Teen Clothing – current brands and styles only  (i.e. American Eagle, Hollister, Aeropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, PINK, North Face, Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Vineyard Vines, Champion, Lululemon, Columbia, and Gap, etc.)
  • When dealing with a mix of size specific items (3-6 months or 4-5T), always tag and separate the the range with the lower size. For example: 3-6 months get sized as 3 months and 4-5T get sized as 4T.
  • OVERALL MAX 200 Hanging Items Per Seller
    • Must be seasonally appropriate
    • Items that DO NOT COUNT towards the 200 piece clothing limit:
    • Winter Coats and Halloween Costumes
    • Athletic / Sports Uniforms (baseball or football pants, dance & karate uniforms, etc.)
    • Costumes / Dress Up

MAX Per Seller: 20 Onesies (4 bundles of 5 )

  • Applies to basic t-shirt types onesies not part of a matching outfit
  • Bundle in groups of five of the same size; four bundle maximum
  • See onesies tab for more information

MAX Per Seller: 20 Sleepers Size: 0 – 24 months

  • Max of 10 sleepers size preemie – 6 mo.  Price to sell!
  • One-piece with / without feet & sleep gowns
  • Excludes swaddles & sleep sacks

Fall/Winter Clothing

  • Boots
  • Sneakers
  • All Jackets
  • Snow Pants / Bibs
  • Sweatshirts / Fleece
  • Long Sleeve-Shirts
  • Pants
  • Heavy Skirts
  • Jeans / Denim
  • Fleece PJs & Sleepers
  • Long Sleeve / Pant PJs
  • Hats & Gloves
  • Short & Long Sleeve Onesies
  • All School Uniform Clothing (shorts & short sleeves sell better in Spring.)
  • All Sports Wear (baseball or football pants, dance & karate uniforms, etc.)

Spring / Summer Clothing

  • Sandals
  • Swim Shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Short Sleeve-Shirts
  • Tank Tops
  • Shorts
  • Jeans / Denim (Sell better in winter)
  • All Skirts
  • Bathing Suits
  • Puddle Jumpers / Life Vests
  • Short Sleeve / Shorts PJs
  • All School Uniform Clothing (long sleeves & pants sell better in Spring)
  • All Sports Wear (baseball or football pants, dance & karate uniforms, etc.)

The following items can be in the Spring / Summer Sale, but MUST be lightweight fabric & spring colors/designs:

  • Jackets
  • Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Pants
  • Long Sleeve / Pant PJs
  • Sleepers
  • Short & Long Sleeve Onesies


Part of A Matching Outfit (Multiple Pieces) – Count in Max Clothing Limit

  • Hang & pin the onesie on the hanger if possible or just pin the onesie to the hanger if not
  • Make sure to pin all pieces to each other
  • If there is a jacket or vest, layer it over the onesie on the hanger
  • Pin the waist of the bottoms to top of hanger

MAX 20 Onesies Total Per Seller (Applies To Onesies Not Part Of A Matching Outfit)

  • DO NOT bag or hang onesies (with the hanging exception listed below)
  • Pin together (5 pieces) with two pins at the top (each shoulder)
  • All pieces must be the same size

Individual Onesies – Holiday Themed Or Designed To Be Worn As A Shirt

  • DO NOT bag or hang onesies (with the hanging exception outlined in this section)
  • Recommend pair with a bottom (pants / jeans / shorts / skirts) to make an outfit and hang
  • Only designer name brands can be hung as an individual onesie – Hang & pin the onesie on the hanger if possible or just pin the onesie to the hanger if not
  • All pieces must be the same size
  • When dealing with a mix of size specific items (3-6 months or 18-24 months), always bundle the range with the lower size. For example: 3-6 months get sized as 3 months and 18-24 months get sized as 18 months.

Guidelines for selling Shoes

  • Clean, gently worn, seasonally appropriate shoes. 
  • No footprints (on sandals), dirt, scuffs, tears or excessive wear
  • Must use zip ties to attach the shoes to each other and to attach the tags                      
  • Place packing tape over the top part of the tag, hole punch through tape and tag, zip tie through hole and onto shoes.
  • No shoe boxes unless high value and secured with high value items.

Selling Blankets & Bedding

  • Separate Fitted Sheets, Flat Sheets, Blankets, Pillow Cases and Breathable Bumpers. 
  • Only Pottery Barn bedding sets.
  • Pin all pieces to each other (if multiple pieces) and pin the tag to the items.
  • Blankets and sheets must be secured neatly with pins or bagged so they do not come unfolded.
  • Do not hang bedding.

Feeding Gear

  • Burp Clothes, Bibs, Bottles (no used nipples), Plates, Sippy Cups, Nursing Covers, Etc.
  • No rubber or silicone coated feeding or serving items (i.e. silverware / food items).
  • Bundle and pin bibs together; pin the tag to the bibs.
  • Bag other items and bundle multiples together.
    • Try to make sure all items in the bag are as visible as possible
    • Make sure to attach the tag to the item if possible, but if not then attach the tag to the bag itself

Infant Gear

  • Bumbos / Booster Seats, Potty Seats, Gates, Playmats, High Chairs, Exer-Saucers, Bouncy Seats, Pack-n-Plays, Strollers, Car Seats, Bath Tubs and more!
  • Items must be CLEAN!
  • Car Seats must have been manufactured within the last six years. It must not be subject to recall or have been in an accident. You are responsible to print, review, and attach the used Car Seat Checklist to each car seat. All seat covers and straps must be thoroughly cleaned.  
  • No baby bath tubs manufactured before October 2017.
  • Pack-n-Plays must be assembled.

Infant Carriers

  • Must be clean and complete with all pieces.
  • Hang & pin the carrier on the hanger. 


  • Toys sell GREAT! If you price them reasonably, you’ll take nothing home!
  • Toys must be clean and complete with working batteries.

Electronic Toys & Games

  • Nintendo Switch, Wii, Xbox, Playstation, PSP, DS, Leap Frog, etc.
  • Secure game cases closed with tape.
  • Bag individual game cartridges (missing case) and tape them to a large piece of cardboard with packing tape. 
  • Battery-operated items must have working batteries.

Large, Outdoor, and Riding Toys

  • Kitchens, work benches, toy boxes, sand boxes, picnic tables, wagons, bicycles, play houses, Power Wheels, trampolines, slides, patio furniture, climbing sets, slides, castles, tents, and more!
  • Clean, no dry-rotting, rust, or sun fading.
  • Bicycles must have inflated tires and be free of rust and tears in seat or handles.
  • Use rope or packing tape to attach items together (i.e. lids of sand castles).
  • The ONLY stuffed animals accepted are:
    • Build-A-Bear®
    • Character plush toys such as Mickey Mouse®, Elmo®, name brand book and movie characters
    • Interactive plush toys such as a talking or educational toy
  • Like-new condition – free of odors, stains, rips, tears, holes or damage


  • All stages of reading, Educational Workbooks, Parenting, and Homeschool Resources. 
  • Group books together in bags; do not rubber band as books will separate.
  • Use masking or painters tape to attach tag (over barcodes).


  • Games must be complete with all pieces, not exceptions.  If the game has a box,  tape it closed with masking or painters and note on tag that all pieces are accounted for; boxes will be opened at Check-It Table. 
  • If no box, bag any small parts and securely attach the bag to the main game; if parts get separated the item will not sell.
  • painter’s tape. This is to ensure that the label does not damage the game when it is removed.


  • DVD and BluRay movies; no VHS
  • Prescreen the Movies for any skipping or viewing issues.
  • Wipe them clean & place in the correct case. Tape the case closed with packing tape.
  • Place rubber bands around groupings or place them in a bag; clearly identify the titles on the tag or written in sharpie on the bag.
  • If books or DVDs are in a bag, please attach the label directly to the bag with packing tape


  • Puzzles must be complete. 
  • Wrap assembled wooden puzzles with plastic wrap.
  • Attach tag to box with masking or painters tape.
  • Bats, golf clubs, baseball gloves, skateboards, skates, hockey sticks, helmets, fishing poles, tents, sleeping bags and more!
  • Helmets that have not sustained a major impact.
  • Secure tag to item with zip tie when feasible.
  • Tents must be complete and free of mold and musty odors.   
  • Cribs (manufactured June 28, 2011 or later), changing tables, dressers, twin beds, bunk beds and more!
  • Cribs must be assembled.
  • Nursery and Youth Furniture
  • Children’s Room Décor only – lamps, wall hangings, frames, etc.
  • Must be clean, free of damage with working zippers or latches.
  • Children’s styles only.

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