Seller Emails – New Albany In-Person April 2024

2/xx/2024: Registration Confirmation

Subject: Seller Registration Confirmation New Albany In-Person – Apr 25-27, 2024

  • Seller Number: xxxx 
  • Registration Date: xx/xx/2024 xx:xx xM 

You are registered! Now gather & enter your items, clear clutter, and make some cash for your family. Here are a few tips to help you start strong – this would be a good email to save for future reference and consider bookmarking these website links:

  1. First, review the April In Person Event page of the KidStuff Sale website – the Seller Timeline and Seller Central (everything a seller needs to know) are located on that page.Email us at su*****@ki**********.com or text questions to 502-209-9899.
  2. Join our KidStuff Seller group on Facebook – KidStuff team and experienced sellers are there to help Facebook Sellers Group.
  3. Our primary source of direct communication is EMAIL please verify your email address and check junk mail.
  4. Another great resource is our Seller FAQs.
  5. This is the tagging system link: 1. Enter items 2. Schedule check-in 3. Join us to work the sale (optional)
  6. Check out videos on our YouTube Channel.
  7. Follow us and share posts on Instagram, Facebook, and, TikTok – the more you Tell the more you’ll Sell!

Contact us if you have questions or need help. We are here to assist every step of the way.

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