Seller Emails – October 2023

9/15/2023: Referral Offer

Subject: Special offer for YOU!  Text with questions 502-209-9899

As a registered seller, we are offering YOU the following fantastic referral offer! Help us spread the word: KidStuff Sale is BACK! 

There are SO many Indiana moms that have no idea about KidStuff Sale! Get out there and share the news!! 

Here is our offer: 

Every seller who refers 3 NEW to KidStuff Sale Sellers for the Indiana Fall/Winter Event October 26-28th before October 7 will receive the following sweet package:  

Refunded KidStuff Sale registration (credited back at payout)   

A skip-the-line pass for presale night and half-price presale  

Free valet check-in  

An additional 5% of personal sales 

*** Tell the new sellers you refer that once they are registered THEY can also tell 3 friends and earn the same amazing offer! Boom!  

 A NEW Seller must not have sold in a KidStuff event in the past and must enter/ bring 50+ items to seller check-in. Our social will be busy promoting shopping for Louisville, SO we need your help promoting for sellers over the next 3 weeks! Your referral MUST list your name as their referral source upon registration – no exceptions! Thanks! 

9/12/2023: Facebook Moms Group Post

Subject: Southern Indiana WE ARE BACK!  Help us spread the word?


Indiana Moms We NEED You! If you are on Facebook, please locate and join this mom’s group and Sara’s post and comment under it! We need help spreading the word! 

9/10/2023: Did you get this?

Subject: Did you get this? Southern Indiana KidStuff Sale

Good morning! We are so excited you’ll be joining us for the October Indiana sale! We will ramp up communication in the coming weeks as we work on and wrap up the Louisville sale! We have approximately 150 sellers for the Indiana event so far and are expecting to DOUBLE that number! We need your help!

  1. RSVP to the Facebook Event:
  2. SHARE the event on your personal page!!
  3. Refer friends, neighbors, moms you know, to SELL with us in October. We are offering current sellers an additional 5% of sales for every TWO new referrals to this event. Simply tell them to list YOU as the friend who referred them to the sale – they list the referral source upon registration. Tell them if THEY refer 2 friends following the same guideline they get an additional 5% too! x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reply – GOT IT to this email so I know you received it!

Let’s get the Southern Indiana community of moms FIRED up about KidStuff Sale back in Indiana!!

Thanks for your help!

8/23/2023: Hanger Order & Seller Updates

Subject: Hanger Order Form & Seller Updates

Happy Wednesday!  

We are very excited to be back in Indiana for another in-person sale! With school starting, this is a perfect time to get your items entered and invite friends and family to make some money and shop early! 

We want to welcome all of our New Sellers and all of our former sellers who have returned for the Fall Event. 

  • We’re going to start increasing email communications in the coming weeks. 
  • We have redesigned our website AND Seller Central to help with the flow of information. Here is the revised website for sellers where you can find the October Seller Event Timeline and the Seller Central link.  
  • We are placing a group hanger order – if you’d like to order wire hangers $12 per bundle of 50 – use this form to sign up: HANGER ORDER FORM. Pick-up Options at the Triple Crown Pavilion, 1780 Plantside Drive, Louisville, KY 40223 
    • Friday, August 25th at  from 11am – 1pm 
    • Saturday, August 26th from 10am – 11am 
  • We will not be providing an option to pickup hangers in Indiana.
  • We are hiring for more part-time, seasonal team members! Click here to apply.
  • Don’t forget to select a check-in appointment time asap – this helps us to plan for you! Login to your account and see the ‘Check-In’ link. 
  • If your account is unpaid, login and complete your registration to join us! 🙂 Click for registration page 
  • If you’d like to use the TagForService – limited spots are available – select this link for more information. 


We look forward to a fantastic event in October!  

8/15/2023: Referral Incentives

Subject: Seller Referral Incentives! Don’t keep this magic to yourself! Ha!

We’re excited to bring you a NEW SPECIAL INCENTIVE! As a seller, you have an opportunity to earn fabulous extra perks just by referring people to our sale. We would prefer to give our sellers the extra $$ vs spending the money on boosted Facebook Posts! Help us spread the word!!   

Tell your friends/neighbors/ co-workers via text/call/post and as long as the new seller lists your name in their registration you will receive the referral credit. They simply choose FRIEND as the referral source and then enter your name when prompted!  Hint: Offer to help them get started as a thank you for listing you as the referral to the sale!  

You will be shocked how many families do NOT know about our events!   

September Louisville Fall Event Seller Referral Special:  

Refer 3 NEW to KidStuff Sale Sellers before August 31st and receive the following:  

      1. Refunded KidStuff Sale registration (credited back at payout)  

      2. A skip-the-line pass for presale night and half-price presale 

      3. Free valet check-in. 

Refer 3 NEW KidStuff Sellers before Sept 25th and receive:  

      1. Skip the line pass for presale night and half-price presale 

      2. Free Valet Check-In 

October Indiana Fall Event Seller Referral Special:  

Refer 3 NEW to KidStuff Sale Sellers to the Indiana Fall/Winter Event October 26-28th before September 15 and receive the following:  

      1. Refunded KidStuff Sale registration (credited back at payout)  

      2. A skip-the-line pass for presale night and half-price presale  

      3. Free valet check-in  

Refer 3 NEW KidStuff Sellers before October 21st and receive:  

      1. Skip the line pass for presale night and half-price presale 

      2. Free Valet Check-In 

A NEW Seller must not have sold in the sale before and must bring 40+ items to seller check-in.  


Yes, you can refer friends to October Indiana sale and enjoy incentives at Sept. Louisville sale!  

Yes, you can refer a total of 3 friends to either sale and enjoy incentive at either sale!  

Yes, you can refer 3 friends to each event (total of 6) and enjoy an incentive at each event!   

The seller with the most total referrals to the fall in-person events (minimum of 5) will receive a $50 Amazon gift card!   

We again want to THANK YOU for supporting our efforts to bring KidStuff Sale each and every year to the community. It’s because of YOU that we’re reaching so many families who have greatly benefited from our events, both In-Person and Virtual. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Fall events.  

6/5/2023: Registration Confirmation

Subject: Louisville In Person – Sept 27-30, 2023 – Seller Registration Confirmation

  • Seller Number: xxxx 
  • Registration Date: xx/xx/2023 xx:xx xM 


You are registered! Now to enter your items, clear clutter, and make some cash for your family. Here are a few tips to help you start strong – this would be a good email to save for future reference and consider bookmarking these website links: 

      1. First, read the Seller Central page of the KidStuff Sale website – everything a seller needs to know is located on that page. 

      2. Email us at or text questions to 502-209-9899 

      3. Join our KidStuff Seller group on Facebook – KidStuff team and experienced sellers are there to help Facebook Sellers Group. 

      4. Our primary source of direct communication is EMAIL. Please verify your email address and check junk mail. 

      5. Another great resource is our Seller FAQs. 

      6. This is the tagging system link: 1. enter items 2, schedule check-in 3. join us to work the sale (optional) 

      7. Check out videos on our YouTube Channel. 

      8. Follow us and share posts on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok – the more you Tell the more you’ll Sell! 

Contact us if you have questions or need help. We are here to assist every step of the way. 

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