Seller Emails – September 2023

9/22/2023: Check-in Updates & Restock

Subject: IMPORTANT Update to Check-In Information, Restock & More

This is a big weekend for preparing and bundling your tagged items. We will do our very best to provide a smooth check-in experience! Lots of information here, so bear with us on the length. :o) 


Item entry is CLOSED! See bottom of email regarding restock updates. 

Sellers with ZERO INVENTORY have received an email with instructions on their options. Sellers without inventory will not receive a seller shopping pass but are afforded alternative options!~ 

Please check out the September Event Seller Emails page to catch up on what emails you may have missed!~ 


We still have openings if you are able to loan us your wagon for seller check-in. This can be found in the optional Team & Barter section in MyCM.  


Restock check-in is now OPEN for you to enter more items for a $1 fee (sorry, no way around this in the system). We are opening this early but please be sure to keep your restock items separate from your regular inventory. Restock items will not be in the system until Wednesday and cannot be sold. Items not in the system will not be able to be scanned; therefore, it’s very important that you do not bring these items early. Please select a check-in appointment for restock. 

All items are accepted EXCEPT clothing right now. We will add in certain allowable clothing by gender/size once we know what we’ll have room for on restock.  

It is IMPORTANT that you do not delete anything in your restock inventory if you are concerned with your sell-through rate. Once you delete items from your restock inventory, it messes with the calculations and we have no way to correct it. This is a system error that MyCM is working to correct. You can edit items, no problem but don’t delete. And if you aren’t worried about your sell-through rate, do whatever works best for you!~ 


The check-in process will look a little different than everyone is used to seeing! Due to construction at the venue next door, parking will be extremely limited. Parking will be ACROSS THE STREET after you have unloaded your items. There will be THREE rows of access to pull-up to the venue to unload. Please review the pdf here for check-in unloading flow and parking areas. and the check-in area map. Here is an aerial view of the parking and check-in if you like to see a different visual.  

We suggest you do not bring children to check-in. If you must bring kids, be careful crossing the roads when parking and look for a row of chairs near the enterance for them to wait for you while you check-in items. Children cannot assist flooring items or be amongst the tables / racks during the check-in. No exceptions, thanks for understanding. 

Below are specific instructions based on the type of check-in appointment – Please arrived at your scheduled time as check-in types (valet/standard/new seller) are time blocked. You will be marked off by name/seller number in order to confirm check-in type.  

Please be sure to read the instructions carefully so we are all on the same page. We will need everyone to do their part to make check-in go smoothly! If you haven’t secured a check-in time please do so ASAP. Valet vs Standard check-in options are also explained in the link in the next paragraph. 

Regardless of which day you are checking in – the bagging, and general instruction are the same. On the September Event page, go to the Seller Central and review ‘Preparing for Check-In’, as well as ‘Check In Appointment Types & Procedures’ to see the UPDATED numbering system and venue map. Please prepare well at home before you pack your car. Here are a few important reminders:  

  • PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE BOXES. Take them with you if you use them. It takes a lot of employee hours to break down and transfer boxes to the dumpster each sale and we’d rather spend the time beautifying the venue for shopping!   
  • Clothing is to be LOOSELY rubberbanded in bundles by size/gender – please don’t wrap the rubberband too tightly. Please do not use zip ties, yarn, etc.  
  • Separate out heavy winter coats and snow pants (outerwear) from clothing and rubberband them by size/gender. 
  • Separate out costumes/dress-up and rubberband them by size/gender. 
  • Double check that all your large items (anything that doesn’t fit in an IKEA bag) have the large format (2-to-page) barcode tag securly attached.  
  • Last season we had 100’s of items that sellers had to fix on site – it is much easier for you do to so at home.  
  • Large items without large item tags will need to be taken home to retag or you can purchase on for of our pdf tags for 1.00 each and fix the tag in your car then bring the item back in and place it on the sale floor.  
  • Choose the large format (2-to-page) barcode tag for high-value items that get secured, furniture, infant equipment, outdoor toys, larger toys, fragile toys, and high-value items (secured by the registers) must have the larger barcode tag attached – choose the 2-to-page tag format in the drop down menu when printing – please watch the large item tag video 
  • You can reprint your tags anytime. 
  • High-Value Items items that need to be secured to the yellow rack near the registers should be may be valued at $20 or more.  
  • These items require large item tags to be secured at the yellow rack near the registers.  
  • Sellers must secure these items to the rack with zip ties.  
  • A table will be setup for toy inspection (Bag #6). Sellers will present items to a team member with the items turned on to test the buttons before toys are placed on the floor. Batteries will be available at $1 each for the sellers to replace if batteries are inoperable, or you can plan to bring extra batteries with you.  

PDF of Check-In Map 

Standard Check-In Process 

  1. Drive up to portico and unload your Area 1 KidStuff inside the venue lobby. 
  1. Drive around to Area 2 in back of venue and unload there – all large items MUST have large item tags.
  1. Last door is Area 3, book and clothing drop-off. Hang your rubber banded clothing on a Z-rack and it will be placed onto the floor while you park your car. (You’ll hang your clothes in their sections by gender/size and leave them banded together.)
  1. Come to the front of venue, park, then come back inside to complete check-in process and floor your items that were unloaded to each area.

Team partners will be on hand for guidance and questions. Bags and clothing not unloaded in the appropriate areas or left in lobby will be set aside and not floored. Thanks for understanding. 

New Seller Check-In (during new seller check-in window) – Follow the instructions on Standard Check-In above. After you come in the venue, there will be a Team Member setup at a table in the Lobby to assist you!~ 

Valet Check-In Process *depending on the size/weight of large items be prepared to help unload.  

  1. Pull up to portico, check-in your seller number with a Team Member, scan the QR code for valet check-in using your smart device while the KidStuff team unloads Area 1 bags and infant equipment. High-value items must be separated and identified to a Team Member to secure on the high-value rack. 
  1. Drive around building clockwise to Area 2, large items. You may need to assist the KidStuff team in loading larger items that take two people to move. Examples are furniture, cribs, train tables, bikes, trampolines.
  1. Drive to Area 3, books and clothing corner. Book bags and clothing will be unloaded onto Z racks by KidStuff team partners. *Clothing not properly tagged/bundled/prepared will not be accepted.

Done! Unless you forgot to put large tag format on larger item – if so, you’ll park and come in to correct the tag. 


Please pack your car so we can access your items in this order. Thanks! 

To increase effectiveness of event communications, we have consolidated all emails onto one page where you can view the information in one place. Please check out the September Event Seller Emails page to catch up on what you may have missed!~ 

9/21/2023: SELLER Presale ticket reminder

Subject: SELLER PRESALE : SEPT 26TH Ticket Reminder:)

Seller Presale Reminder: 

All sellers received an email Thursday, Sept 13th at approx 4:15 with the subject line: “IMPORTANT: Your seller presale QR ticket link” about seller shop times. If you haven’t yet, locate that email and scroll to the bottom of the email for the link to your Ticket Tailor QR shopping pass. Make sure to follow the instructions in that email to receive your QR seller shopping ticket via email.  

If you selected to purchase an early shopping Platinum 12 p.m., Gold 1:30 pm or Silver 2 p.m. ticket, simply bring your (scheduled time) seller’s QR code for access (see instructions above) – and we will mark you off by name at the door. Again, no additional ticket will be sent. The Platinum, Gold, and Silver shopping ticket amount will be deducted from your sales 

If anyone else is interested, there are 3 platinum spots, 8 Gold and 2 Silver tickets remaining – here is the order form link. 

Working to sell your stuff, staggering the shopping, stagger the lines, stagger the chaos, and KEEP IT FUN! 

See everyone this weekend! 


To increase the effectiveness of event communications, we have consolidated all emails onto one page where you can view the information in one place. Please check out the September Event Seller Emails page to catch up on what you may have missed!~ 

9/17/2023: ZOOM Chats Monday

Subject: ZOOM Seller Chat Links


I know what a bunch of you were doing all day today! :). Happy Tagging!

Here are the September Seller Chat ZOOM Call links for tomorrow Monday. Hop on with questions you may have – attend all or none… it is up to you!

Monday 11 am Zoom Chat

Monday 9 pm Zoom Chat

9/15/2023: ZOOM Chat Saturday 8am

Subject: KidStuff ZOOM Chat Saturday 8am


Here is the ZOOM chat link for Sat. Morning 8 am – 8:30 am – hop on anytime. This is a Q&A for YOU to ask us questions. We do not have a set agenda. Please put your name in the system and ideally turn on your camera. Grab Coffee and let’s chat KidStuff!


Happy Tagging!

9/15/2023: Video Update

Subject: Video Update 🙂

Hi! TGIF Here is a short video update – I’m rambling a little .. but wanted to say Hello! This video is also located in mycm when you log in to enter your items!  

Happy Tagging! 

9/15/2023: Encouragement for Sellers with ZERO INVENTORY – There’s still time!!!!

Subject: TGIF! Returning/New Sellers, this one’s for you! ~Kellee 

Thank Goodness It’s FRIDAY! Hope you all have had an amazing week! I just wanted to touch base with some of our RETURNING/NEW SELLERS! Get to tagging your items asap! – our system indicates you’ve not started tagging yet! The deadline to enter items is Wednesday, September 20th!   This is the last weekend you’ll have to enter your items! If you have any questions/concerns that are keeping you from getting started on entering/tagging items, please email me (Kellee) at OR join the KidStuff Sale IN-PERSON Sale Seller Group here where you can search the group for answers to your questions or PM me directly! 

Running out of time? Enter 5 items a day from now to Wednesday so you can at least clear some clutter, earn your registration fee back AND SHOP EARLY!!!! Only sellers with inventory get to shop early! 

You’ve got this! Grab those toys, summer clothing and shoes and you’ll have a couple hundred dollars in stuff tagged in just a few hours! You have plenty of time!! Remember, you can print your tags at any point once the data is in the system. Focus on data entry through Wednesday, then print and prep your stuff!   


We have a record number of sellers this season and it will be our largest sale yet! You don’t want to miss the Tuesday night Seller Launch presale!    

9/14/2023: Item Entry Deadline & Other Info

Subject: Sep 20 Item Entry Deadline, Large Item Tags and More

SEPTEMBER 20th is the item entry deadline for initial drop off. There’s still plenty of time to get items entered. Restock registration will open on Monday, September 25th. See the seller timeline on the September Event page for details. 

Large Item Tags! Don’t forget to print a large item tag for larger toys, furniture, larger items that are too bulky to carry around and don’t fit in an IKEA bag and High-Value merchandise (that gets secured near the registers). When in doubt, use BOTH the large item tag and the normal tag. Here are a couple of YouTube videos on Large Item tags for you to check out: 

Examples of items that need large tags: Activity Tables, Ball Pit Balls & Pits, Bassinets, Bicycles, Trailers, Booster Seats, Changing Tables, Cribs, Desks, Exersaucers, XL Toys, Large Doll Houses, Kitchens, Outdoor Games & Toys, Train Tables, Scooters, Sports Equipment, Strollers, Tents, Tunnels, Work Benches, Toy Chests, Furniture, & Unicycles How to access and print large item tag format How to attach large item tag 

TIPS ON TEEN CLOTHING! Teen doesn’t mean a teenager wears it. TEEN Clothing refers to Teen brands like Hollister, Abercrombie, etc. For sizing, if it’s a size 14, determine if it’s closer to a youth 14 or a women’s 14…closer to youth, put with Girls’ Clothing size 14…closer to a women’s 14 (XL or so), put with TEEN Girl Clothing. Reference the Seller Central via the September Event Seller page to find more information. 

Don’t forget about the power tagging option that eliminates entering all of the details. Some seller use this option all the time, some use this in a pinch to enter all of their items in bulk at the last minute before the deadline. 

Don’t forget to grab your check-in appointment 

NEW SELLERS have the OPTION to conduct check-in during the New Seller TLC Check-In on Sunday, September 24th from 1pm-6pm. During this time we will have staff available to provide in-depth guidance, conduct on the spot corrections to tagging/pricing, answer any questions you may have, etc.. It is not mandatory that new sellers check-in during this time, but it is a time we have set aside just for YOU! Find us at the table in the lobby. 

To increase effectiveness of event communications, we have consolidated all emails onto one page where you can view the information in one place. Please check out the September Event Seller Emails page to catch up on what you may have missed!~ 

*When sending emails to us at, please include your seller number and which sale you are referencing. 

9/14/2023: Platinum, Gold, Silver Tickets

Subject: Platinum, Gold and Silver Shopping Tickets

Me again…. It is stated in the sign-up form but I should have also stated in the email I just sent to everyone, the Platinum, Gold, and Silver ticket fees will be deducted from your sales – sellers do not have to prepay for those tickets. Here is the form link again! Also, if you have already completed the form you do not need to fill it out a second time. This will be the biggest sale EVER – working to make this event a wonderful selling and shopping experience for all!

9/14/2023: Seller Presale QR Link

Subject: IMPORTANT: Your seller presale QR ticket link – XXXXX 250 to register


Here are the link to provide you tickets to shop the Seller Presale with your adult plus 1!

Shopping is Tuesday, September 26th for sellers WITH INVENTORY – times are as follows: *deadline to enter is Wednesday, Sept 20th at 11:59 pm.

Team Shop – starting between 8:30 am and 11:30 am – if you are interested in joining the team please see this application link. If you have register/customer service experience, we have a few spots for the September sale. We will also keep your information for future events! We are hosting events in October, and November, and our March event registration opens SOON!

Platinum, Gold, and Silver Seller Options – 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm, or 2 pm. – for those who would like to work and shop early but are unable to, we are offering sellers a Platinum, Gold or Silver ticket option. If you are interested in those +1 tickets please use the following order form : Shopping Options Sign-Up

The seller presales are staggered based on registration date/time 3:30 pm, 4:30 pm, and 5:30 pm. This email contains your personal shopping time QR link. You are welcome to bring an adult plus # – be sure to review the ticket for details.

Sellers who cannot attend on Tuesday, are welcome to join us on Wednesday, Sept 27th starting at 8:30 am – here is the full timeline for your convenience. Full Seller Timeline September 2023

Thank you for allowing us to help you sell your KidStuff! If you are shopping, we hope you find amazing items for your littles! It is our pleasure to serve you – let us know how we can help!

Suzette & KidStuff Sale Team

(phrase and link vary based on sellers’ registration date/time. Link cannot be accessed from this website.)

First 250 registered sellers 3:30 pm presale – click here for ticket link

Second 250 registered sellers 4:30 pm presale – click here for ticket link

500+ registered sellers 5:30 pm presale – click here for ticket link


9/12/2023: Presale Tickets, Shoe Increase, Home Inspection, Fees

Subject: Presale Ticket Update, Increase Shoe Limit and AT HOME INSPECTION EXPECTATION / FEES

The ZOOM Chat last night was great! We hope you can join us for the next seller chat! We will email a link as soon as it is scheduled. Suzette 🙂

Update: Seller Presale ticket links will be emailed by Wednesday night for access on Tuesday, September 26th, Times are 3:30 pm, 4:30 pm, and 5:30 pm based on registration date/time.

SHOES: Shared on Facebook Seller Group – Now, emailing to all Sellers:

SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!! Shoes sell GREAT at KidStuff Sale! We will have thousands of pairs for sale and mamas go straight to the *shoe room*! Regarding quantities, in past seasons we have been very close to running out of shoes (no joke) SO we raised the shoe limit and for a couple of seasons didn’t place a limit at all However, doing so opened us up to another issue – an increase in nasty shoes! Dirt on the bottom of cleats, boots, badly worn athletic shoes, and sole-stained sandals, etc.

So IF you have a high number of amazing shoes in LIKE NEW condition we are happy to raise your shoe limit because they will sell. Email to request an increase. We want your shoes – all of them – as long as they are clean and in great condition for the next family!

Required Seller at Home Item Inspection

Digging through dirty & shoes with worn toes…putting back the stained clothing…finding books with writing on the pages…infant equipment that might just need batteries…‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!’  

We want to help YOU sell your things! That is what you’ve hired us to do! We continue to have positive responses to holding HIGH-quality standards on our items offered and plan to refine this process and enhance everyone’s experience – based primarily on YOUR recommendations.   

To make sure this happens, we must maintain the integrity and KidStuff standards of quality. We’ve implemented and requested a deep-dive inspection at-home process in the past but now feel the need to add administrative fees moving forward. The goal is to hold us all accountable *to thoroughly inspecting our individual items AT HOME… BEFORE tagging, and certainly BEFORE arriving for check-in.  We want YOU, our sellers, and obviously our community of shoppers to have a GREAT experience – to shop with confidence of quality and to return for future events.  

The fees are not intended to be punitive, rather, to ensure our sellers slow down, and take the time to properly inspect items. Fees help to cover the labor costs of handling, checking, pulling, and storing unsellable items and/or contacting the seller to come in to correct the issue.

Discretion will be used by our team leads; we know accidental oversight happens. Review ‘What We Accept’, ‘What We Do Not Accept’, and ‘General Guidelines’ on the Seller Central and you will not have to worry about fees!  

  • Recalled Items – $25 for each item *Check the recall website if you are unsure 
  • Expired Car Seats, Cribs, and Mattresses – $25 for each item *Refer to What We Sell
  • Battery Replacement – $10 for each item  
  • Stained/Damaged unsellable Clothing & Shoes – $1 each item  
  • Unaccepted category Items – $1 for each item such as adding women’s clothing in juniors and athleisurewear. This takes the team hours to pull these items! Please add women’s items to our virtual events.  
  • Valet Check-In without Appointment – Cost of General Valet plus an additional $5  
  • Large Item Tags – $1 each (forgotten at home, didn’t use large item tag, etc. – request tag at the large item check-in door)  
  • Improper Item Prep – $10 flat fee (backward hanger direction, zip ties vs. rubber bands to group on hangers, regular weight paper tags, single pin through tag (pin in and out of barcode tag), not putting large tag on an obvious large item before or during check-in, not pinning to hanger properly, etc.) Team will pull items and contact seller giving them the opportunity to fix and re-floor items.  
  • Tags Won’t Scan – $10 flat fee if more than 15 items don’t scan (sadly when 15+ tags don’t scan chances are that the seller’s entire inventory doesn’t scan causing the front-line team to have to manually enter each and every barcode in order to sell their items – this slows down the check-out line for all shoppers.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

* Suggestions – check your barcode with a free barcode scan app on mobile – does it scan okay?   

* Selection draft or fine printer setting when printing – make sure you can see the white lines between the barcode lines. Heavy printing or freshly replaced ink can cause smearing of the barcode.   

* Use Copy Palace, one of our printing partners – a cost-effective and time-saving resource! Email your pdf and call to see when it’ll be available for pick-up. They know our printing requirements and cut the tags for you.  

     Copy Palace, Inc.  

     open Monday – Friday *call before picking up* 

     10478 Bluegrass Parkway 

     Louisville, KY 40299 

     (502) 254-5300  

We understand that ‘play quality’ will sell and all families need them…however, given the amount of clothing sellers want to check in we choose to bring the best possible selection to our shopping community Worn shoes, stained clothing and poor-quality books should be withheld for local yard sales, donated or discarded.  

 Thank you for your understanding. TOGETHER we host an amazing KidStuff Sale for all! We look forward to helping you sell your items and source quality gently used items.   

***To increase the effectiveness of event communications, we have consolidated all emails onto one page where you can view the information. Please check out the September Event Seller Emails page to catch up on what you may have missed!~  

9/11/2023: Seller Assistance ZOOM Chat 

Subject: ZOOM Chat tonight at 8:30pm – Join me?

Feeling spontaneous tonight? How about a Zoom call at 8:30 pm for about 30 minutes?   

We are all in the HEAT of tearing up the house and tagging our stuff! Do you have questions about tagging, check-in, shopping the sale, working the sale, getting paid, pick-up? Hop on this call tonight at 8:30 pm and we can chat. 


It would be nice to SEE your faces and names on the screen… hint, hint, but either way, please join me!  

9/10/2023: Hander Order #2, 50 Item Entry Giveaway Winner

Subject: Hanger Order #2, Giveaway Winner Announcement & Next Inventory Contest

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Here is the latest: 

  • Hanger order #2 – Hanger Order #2 Sept 14-17 – Be sure to place your order no later than 10 p.m. Monday, Sept. 11th. This is our last order for the September sale. We will offer hangers for Oct. with pick up in Indiana. 
  • The winner of our Enter 50 by 9/9 is Katie W. # 3733 Congrats Katie!! Please email to obtain your prizes!! 
  • BONUS: We are going to offer a similar giveaway for an item entry second contest! All sellers with 100+ items in inventory by 9/17 will be entered into a random drawing to win Valet Check-In and Gold Plus 1 presale shopping which starts at 1:30 on Sept 26th. The prize value is $55.00! If you are not planning to shop, you may gift the Gold presale pass if you win! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Katie W. if we happen to draw your name for the second drawing we will give you $55 in KidStuff Kash since you’ve already won valet and a Gold presale pass! Ha! Congrats again! 

Happy Tagging!! It’s going to be a HUGE awesome sale – start your shopping list!! 

9/8/2023: Sell-Through Incentives Fall 2023

Subject: Sell-Through Incentives & Improved Communications

KidStuff Sale tracks each consignor/seller’s sell-through percentage rates for inventory and value.  Our goal is to help you sell as much as possible for the highest overall value. See the hints and tips offered at the end of this message.  As always, contact us directly with questions.   

Your sell-through rate is calculated by your total # of items sold on ‘View Settlement’ DIVIDED BY total # of items indicated in your online inventory.  Example: 175 items sold from original inventory of 200 items = 87.5%.     

We also track % sell-through of the value of items – For example, Items valued at $297 sold for total of $285 is 96% value sell-through.  This factor speaks to good pricing overall and more inventory selling at full price vs discounted.      

Sellers who enter and check-in 125 or more items will be eligible for sell-through incentives.   

In addition to HUGE bragging rights, the Fall 2023 Louisville In-Person incentives for the top 150 are ALL the following (to be redeemed at the Spring 2024 Louisville In-Person sale):    

  • Free valet check-in!
  • One-hour earlier seller presale shopping time!
  • Skip-the-line Fast Pass for express checkout on seller presale night!
  • Additional 50 items of inventory!


Every seller with 80% or better item sell-through at the Fall 2023 Event will be entered into a drawing to win 80% of their sales.  Three winners will be announced via email just prior to the PayPal Payouts!    

We are here to help you sell the most … make the most$!  

Ways to maximize your sell-through percentage and EARN MORE MONEY:   

  • Inspect EVERYTHING before you enter items in the system, again when you attach your tag and again before you load your car… to ensure they meet KidStuff Sale quality expectations. Unsellable items removed from the floor work against sell-through rate and result in fees.   
  • Remove off-season items from your inventory as well as items you’ve decided to give away or have sold elsewhere.  Make sure your inventory list is clean and meaningful.  
  • Make sure toys have working batteries and large equipment has been wiped down – dirty or non-working items will be pulled from the floor and negatively affect your sell-through.  
  • Secure your tags to your items- use packing tape and a hole punch to reinforce items that require a cable tie and barcode tags for equipment, larger items that cannot be easily carried and higher priced items.  
  • Pin the tag to clothing through the middle of the tag, with the safety pin going through the clothing twice. Lost tags = lost sales  
  • Use detailed descriptions to help your tag be “reunited” with the item if they separate.   
  • Price Competitively and Discount your Items!  
  • Don’t “price up” to earn a few extra dollars- if a toy typically sells for $5.00 and you price it at $6.50, it may not sell until discount day- then you’ll only earn $3.25 instead of the $5.00 if you had priced it correctly!  

We are excited to work with you to build great inventory, merchandise and sell more quality KidStuff.    

***To increase effectiveness of event communications, we have consolidated all emails onto one page where you can view the information. Please chek out the September Event Seller Emails page to catch up on what you may have missed!~ 

9/6/2023: 50 Item Giveaway

Subject: KidStuff Sale- Item Entry and Giveaway – Kellee

Hi KidStuff Sellers! Hope you are having a great week, and getting those items entered! We’ve got a giveaway for you! Get at least 50 items entered by 9/9 and be entered into drawing for VALET CHECK IN and a GOLD PLUS 1 Shopping Pass to shop Tuesday 9/26 starting at 1:30pm! Winner will be announced 9/10! [Shopping pass is transferrable if you don’t plan to shop!]

Need some help? Don’t worry! I’m here! Email me, Kellee at with any questions or concerns regarding entering items! We want this to be a successful sale for everyone, and are here to help in any way! For more information on the selling process click here to be directed to our Seller Central Page or here to visit the KidStuff Sale In Person Seller Facebook Group.


9/5/2023: Seller Presale Day

Subject: Tuesday, Sept 26th Seller Presale Day! YOUR day SHOP!

Hello! Happy September!  

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Now it is time to kick off our Fall/Winter KidStuff Sale Season!! Three events in the next 73 days! 

As listed in the September event timeline, the seller presale day is September 26th depending on the order of your registration. We will notify everyone of their shop times no later than September 11. You will receive an email with a ticket link which will provide a QR code for shopping access.  

Seller presale days, September 26th & 27th are adult shopping days (non-walking infants to be worn in carriers for the duration of shopping are fine). Please plan your shopping schedule accordingly. We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to this adjustment for the seller presale and moms buying presale tickets love the one day of quiet shopping time! An unexpected bonus – the number of lost parts/pieces and lost barcode tags has dropped drastically! Of course, once we open to the public, all children are welcomed and encouraged!  

Staggered seller shop times are first 250 registrants are invited to shop at 3:30 pm, 251+ shop at 4:30 pm, 501+ shop at 5:30 pm, and if you cannot shop on the 26th sellers may join us on the Sep 27th @ 8:30 am. We are also offering paid tickets at three levels. Platinum, Gold, and Silver presale tickets are offered again this season beginning at 12 p.m. on September 26th for sellers who are unable to join us as a team member to work but would like an opportunity to shop earlier.  Or join the team, team shop times begin at 8:30 a.m. and run through a start time of 11:30 based on hours working – if you’d like to join the team visit this link to complete the employment application.

  • Please open and complete this link to help us plan. We can’t wait to help you sell all your KidStuff!


See you soon! 

8/23/2023: Hanger Order & Seller Updates

Subject: Hanger Order Form & Seller Updates

Happy Wednesday!  

We are excited to transition into our last month before the September sale! This is a perfect time to get your items entered and ready for seller check-in…there’s still PLENTY of time. 

We are on track to a record number of sellers this season!!!! We want to welcome all of our New Sellers and all of our former sellers who have returned for the Fall Event. 

  • We’re going to start increasing email communications in the coming weeks. 
  • We have redesigned our website AND Seller Central to help with the flow of information. Here is the revised website for sellers where you can find the September Seller Event Timeline and the Seller Central link.  
  • We are placing a group hanger order – if you’d like to order wire hangers $12 per bundle of 50 – use this form to sign up: HANGER ORDER FORM. Pick-up Options at the Triple Crown Pavilion, 1780 Plantside Drive, Louisville, KY 40223 
    • Friday, August 25th at  from 11am – 1pm 
    • Saturday, August 26th from 10am – 11am 
  • We have built out the remaining options for Check-In for September.  
  • *** Additional Check-In options have been added to the schedule. …..Valet Check-In appointments are open! Limited # of appointments Mon., Sep. 25th ONLYAll self-inspection and KidStuff items standards are expected on all items brought to check-in regardless if you are a donate / discount seller or not. Please read the Check-In information on the Seller Central we made many changes in the Spring! 
    • Donate or Discount All Valet Check-In Service: Sellers who mark all items to be discounted or donated at the end of the sale can sign up for valet check-in with a reduced cost of $10 for this service. 
    • General Valet Check-In: Sellers who would like to take advantage of a valet option – no donating or discounting requirements – $15 for this service. 
    • *Valet arrangements will not be available outside of the open appointments shown in MyCM due to staffing and sale preparation activities. Thank you for understanding! 
  • Don’t forget to select a check-in appointment time asap – this helps us to plan for you! Login to your account and see the ‘Check-In’ link. 
  • If your account is unpaid, login and complete your registration to join us! 🙂 Click for registration page 
  • If you’d like to use the TagForService – limited spots are available – select this link for more information. 


We look forward to a fantastic event in September!  

8/20/2023: 35 Days from Today

Subject: 35 Days from Today!!

Seller Check-in is 35 days from today! Who is ready to clean the clutter and make some money? Let’s get the cash out of your closets and get is party started!!! 🙂 

  • Begin to gather the items you want to sell. 
  • Sort them by size/gender/type for easier entry. 
  • Enter a few items to familiarize yourself with the Mycm Tagging System. 
  • Reach out to the KidStuff Sale Team if you have questions regarding data entry. 
  • Review the Seller Central page of our website for instructions. 
  • Plan to purchase tagging items such as tape, safety pins, white card/cover stock, and hangers (we will be placing a group order soon) 
  • Join the Facebook Seller Group for tips/ideas from experienced KidStuff sellers. 
  • Refer your friends to join us as NEW KidStuff Sale sellers by Aug 31 and save up to $26.50 in seller fees *locate our email from last week.


We look forward to helping you sell your KidStuff, source great deals for your kiddos, and make extra $$ for your family! 

 See you in a little over a month! 

8/15/2023: Referral Incentives

Subject: Seller Referral Incentives! Don’t keep this magic to yourself! Ha!

We’re excited to bring you a NEW SPECIAL INCENTIVE! As a seller, you have an opportunity to earn fabulous extra perks just by referring people to our sale. We would prefer to give our sellers the extra $$ vs spending the money on boosted Facebook Posts! Help us spread the word!!   

Tell your friends/neighbors/ co-workers via text/call/post and as long as the new seller lists your name in their registration you will receive the referral credit. They simply choose FRIEND as the referral source and then enter your name when prompted!  Hint: Offer to help them get started as a thank you for listing you as the referral to the sale!  

You will be shocked how many families do NOT know about our events!   

September Louisville Fall Event Seller Referral Special:  

Refer 3 NEW to KidStuff Sale Sellers before August 31st and receive the following:  

      1. Refunded KidStuff Sale registration (credited back at payout)  

      2. A skip-the-line pass for presale night and half-price presale 

      3. Free valet check-in. 

Refer 3 NEW KidStuff Sellers before Sept 25th and receive:  

      1. Skip the line pass for presale night and half-price presale 

      2. Free Valet Check-In 

October Indiana Fall Event Seller Referral Special:  

Refer 3 NEW to KidStuff Sale Sellers to the Indiana Fall/Winter Event October 26-28th before September 15 and receive the following:  

      1. Refunded KidStuff Sale registration (credited back at payout)  

      2. A skip-the-line pass for presale night and half-price presale  

      3. Free valet check-in  

Refer 3 NEW KidStuff Sellers before October 21st and receive:  

      1. Skip the line pass for presale night and half-price presale 

      2. Free Valet Check-In 

A NEW Seller must not have sold in the sale before and must bring 40+ items to seller check-in.  


Yes, you can refer friends to October Indiana sale and enjoy incentives at Sept. Louisville sale!  

Yes, you can refer a total of 3 friends to either sale and enjoy incentive at either sale!  

Yes, you can refer 3 friends to each event (total of 6) and enjoy an incentive at each event!   

The seller with the most total referrals to the fall in-person events (minimum of 5) will receive a $50 Amazon gift card!   

We again want to THANK YOU for supporting our efforts to bring KidStuff Sale each and every year to the community. It’s because of YOU that we’re reaching so many families who have greatly benefited from our events, both In-Person and Virtual. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Fall events.  

8/15/2023: Spring 2023 Seller Incentives Winners

Subject: Congrats!!!  You had a GREAT stats from March 2023 sale! We appreciate YOU selling with KidStuff!

Woohoo! The March 2023 sellers listed below (100+ items in inventory) achieved highest sell-through of items or high % sell through on value have earned the following perks for the September 2023 event:   

  • Free valet check-in on Monday, Sept 25th between 1pm- 4:45pm –  or a limited number at 8:15pm Sunday, Sept. 26th (ideally for Indiana /working mamas) please login and choose your spot ASAP so we can announce other valet options to all sellers. 😊
  • One-hour earlier seller presale shopping time or 2:30pm, Tuesday, September 26th .Secure the QR ticket for normal time and we will mark you off by name at the door 1 hour earlier. Your plus 1 will also need a code – but they may also enter 1 hour earlier with you.  Watch email for details for QR ticket codes.
  • Skip the line Fast Pass for express checkout on seller presale night.We will give you the ticket upon arrival. One express check-out time – your plus 1 must check out with you. Thanks for understanding.
  • Additional 50 items of inventory – email to request increase. Bring on the goods! Ha! 
  • See you soon!   

6/6/2023: Facebook Share Actions

Subject: Fall 2023 Event is Going to be EPIC! Must Do’s Facebook Actions TODAY – Help us help YOU sell your KidStuff!

Good Morning! Facebook algorithms are painful… do the following TODAY which will HELP YOU SELL MORE!

Do these THREE things today: (if you are a Facebook user) 

      1. Confirm you have LIKED our business page – this helps YOU SELL MORE! 

      2. RSVP Going to the Sept Facebook event – this helps YOU SELL MORE! 

      3. Enter to win $50 Amazon gift card share this post on our personal feed and tag a friend in this post – this helps YOU SELL MORE! 

Thank you for your help and support! Together WE host a great consignment event! 

6/5/2023: Registration Confirmation

Subject: Louisville In Person – Sept 27-30, 2023 – Seller Registration Confirmation

  • Seller Number: xxxx 
  • Registration Date: xx/xx/2023 xx:xx xM 


You are registered! Now to enter your items, clear clutter, and make some cash for your family. Here are a few tips to help you start strong – this would be a good email to save for future reference and consider bookmarking these website links: 

      1. First, read the Seller Central page of the KidStuff Sale website – everything a seller needs to know is located on that page. 

      2. Email us at or text questions to 502-209-9899 

      3. Join our KidStuff Seller group on Facebook – KidStuff team and experienced sellers are there to help Facebook Sellers Group. 

      4. Our primary source of direct communication is EMAIL. Please verify your email address and check junk mail. 

      5. Another great resource is our Seller FAQs. 

      6. This is the tagging system link: 1. enter items 2, schedule check-in 3. join us to work the sale (optional) 

      7. Check out videos on our YouTube Channel. 

      8. Follow us and share posts on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok – the more you Tell the more you’ll Sell! 

Contact us if you have questions or need help. We are here to assist every step of the way. 

6/5/2023: Returning Seller Early Registration

Subject: Tonight! 8pm!

Hey there, [previous season] KidStuff Sale Sellers! 

Get Ready! Registration is about to open for KidStuff Sale! Our next BIG In-Person event is September 27-30! Public Registration opens June 7th at 8pm! 

However, YOU and ALL of the previous KidStuff Registrants are invited to register EARLY! 

When you ask??? TONIGHT!!! Monday, June 5th at 8 pm! 

Why is early registration AWESOME – because similar to last season our seller presale will be staggered by registration DATE! 

That’s right, the earlier you register the earlier you shop! 

We know you are super busy with the summer kickoff – No worries! We’ve emailed you the PRIVATE returning seller link tonight – the website link will not be active before June 7th at 8pm! 


KidStuff Sale Fall/Winter Consignment Sale Details: 

Triple Crown Pavilion 1780 Plantside Dr. Louisville 40299 

Fall Event Seller timeline / key dates: 

Wednesday, Sept 20th Item entry deadline for initial check-in 

Sun & Mon., Sept 24th & 25th Seller check-in 

Tuesdday, Sept 26th Seller Presale 

Wednesday, Sept 27th 10am – 7pm Seller & public presale day 

Wednesday, Sept 27th Restock check-in 

Thursday, September 28th 10am – 7pm Opening Public Day 

Friday, September 29th 10am – 7pm Public Sale and Seller 50% 

Saturday, September 30th 8am – 2pm Public 50% 

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