Seller Post Sale Information – September 2023

Information regarding payment: 

Payments will be sent to the PayPal associated with the seller account within 7-10 business days after the sale closes.

Reference the Seller Central website under the quick link ‘Getting Paid’.

Information regarding the ‘Reg. Fee’ line on the settlement report:

Deductions ($) on the Reg. Fee line may include the following: 

Seller Registration (September, September Restock, March)

Valet Check-In

Seller Presale Tickets

Unsellable Item Fees

Other Administrative Fees

Reference the Seller Central website under the quick link ‘Administrative Fees’ and the email from September 12th below.

9/12/2023: Presale Tickets, Shoe Increase, Home Inspection, Fees

Subject: Presale Ticket Update, Increase Shoe Limit and AT HOME INSPECTION EXPECTATION / FEES

The ZOOM Chat last night was great! We hope you can join us for the next seller chat! We will email a link as soon as it is scheduled. Suzette 🙂

Update: Seller Presale ticket links will be emailed by Wednesday night for access on Tuesday, September 26th, Times are 3:30 pm, 4:30 pm, and 5:30 pm based on registration date/time.

SHOES: Shared on Facebook Seller Group – Now, emailing to all Sellers:

SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!! Shoes sell GREAT at KidStuff Sale! We will have thousands of pairs for sale and mamas go straight to the *shoe room*! Regarding quantities, in past seasons we have been very close to running out of shoes (no joke) SO we raised the shoe limit and for a couple of seasons didn’t place a limit at all However, doing so opened us up to another issue – an increase in nasty shoes! Dirt on the bottom of cleats, boots, badly worn athletic shoes, and sole-stained sandals, etc.

So IF you have a high number of amazing shoes in LIKE NEW condition we are happy to raise your shoe limit because they will sell. Email to request an increase. We want your shoes – all of them – as long as they are clean and in great condition for the next family!

Required Seller at Home Item Inspection

Digging through dirty & shoes with worn toes…putting back the stained clothing…finding books with writing on the pages…infant equipment that might just need batteries…‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!’  

We want to help YOU sell your things! That is what you’ve hired us to do! We continue to have positive responses to holding HIGH-quality standards on our items offered and plan to refine this process and enhance everyone’s experience – based primarily on YOUR recommendations.   

To make sure this happens, we must maintain the integrity and KidStuff standards of quality. We’ve implemented and requested a deep-dive inspection at-home process in the past but now feel the need to add administrative fees moving forward. The goal is to hold us all accountable *to thoroughly inspecting our individual items AT HOME… BEFORE tagging, and certainly BEFORE arriving for check-in.  We want YOU, our sellers, and obviously our community of shoppers to have a GREAT experience – to shop with confidence of quality and to return for future events.  

The fees are not intended to be punitive, rather, to ensure our sellers slow down, and take the time to properly inspect items. Fees help to cover the labor costs of handling, checking, pulling, and storing unsellable items and/or contacting the seller to come in to correct the issue.

Discretion will be used by our team leads; we know accidental oversight happens. Review ‘What We Accept’, ‘What We Do Not Accept’, and ‘General Guidelines’ on the Seller Central and you will not have to worry about fees!  

  • Recalled Items – $25 for each item *Check the recall website if you are unsure 
  • Expired Car Seats, Cribs, and Mattresses – $25 for each item *Refer to What We Sell
  • Battery Replacement – $10 for each item  
  • Stained/Damaged unsellable Clothing & Shoes – $1 each item  
  • Unaccepted category Items – $1 for each item such as adding women’s clothing in juniors and athleisurewear. This takes the team hours to pull these items! Please add women’s items to our virtual events.  
  • Valet Check-In without Appointment – Cost of General Valet plus an additional $5  
  • Large Item Tags – $1 each (forgotten at home, didn’t use large item tag, etc. – request tag at the large item check-in door)  
  • Improper Item Prep – $10 flat fee (backward hanger direction, zip ties vs. rubber bands to group on hangers, regular weight paper tags, single pin through tag (pin in and out of barcode tag), not putting large tag on an obvious large item before or during check-in, not pinning to hanger properly, etc.) Team will pull items and contact seller giving them the opportunity to fix and re-floor items.  
  • Tags Won’t Scan – $10 flat fee if more than 15 items don’t scan (sadly when 15+ tags don’t scan chances are that the seller’s entire inventory doesn’t scan causing the front-line team to have to manually enter each and every barcode in order to sell their items – this slows down the check-out line for all shoppers.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

* Suggestions – check your barcode with a free barcode scan app on mobile – does it scan okay?   

* Selection draft or fine printer setting when printing – make sure you can see the white lines between the barcode lines. Heavy printing or freshly replaced ink can cause smearing of the barcode.   

* Use Copy Palace, one of our printing partners – a cost-effective and time-saving resource! Email your pdf and call to see when it’ll be available for pick-up. They know our printing requirements and cut the tags for you.  

     Copy Palace, Inc.  

     open Monday – Friday *call before picking up* 

     10478 Bluegrass Parkway 

     Louisville, KY 40299 

     (502) 254-5300  

We understand that ‘play quality’ will sell and all families need them…however, given the amount of clothing sellers want to check in we choose to bring the best possible selection to our shopping community Worn shoes, stained clothing and poor-quality books should be withheld for local yard sales, donated or discarded.  

 Thank you for your understanding. TOGETHER we host an amazing KidStuff Sale for all! We look forward to helping you sell your items and source quality gently used items.   

***To increase the effectiveness of event communications, we have consolidated all emails onto one page where you can view the information. Please check out the September Event Seller Emails page to catch up on what you may have missed!~  

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