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What is your return policy?

All sales are final. We offer an Inspection/Check Item Table, prior to entering the register area, where items can be opened and fully inspected for satisfactory condition. If you are uncertain, we suggest you do not purchase the item.

Will you have shopping carts?

Sorry, no. You may bring a laundry basket, wagon, or stroller to carry all of your items. We also offer huge IKEA shopping bags for your use. Once full, you can place them in our HOLD area for hands-free shopping. Unclaimed items are returned to the floor after two hours.

Can I bring a stroller?

Yes! Single-wide strollers are fine. The size of the venue will determine the width of the shopping aisles.

I’m expecting! Can I shop early?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! If you are an expectant mom, new mom, or grandmother (of a baby 12 mos. or younger), you can sign up for our New & Due Parent Pre-Sale. There are a limited number of spots per event, so be sure to sign up early!

How can I shop early for best selection?

Sell! All sellers shop before the public. This is one of the many perks of selling with us. If you are a seller who is able to join our team, you get to shop even earlier! Other options include our paid and free ticketed presales.

What can I expect in terms of the quality of the items you sell?

We are dedicated to selling high-quality items in excellent condition. We hold our sellers to the highest standard and will reject any items that don’t meet our expectations. We tell our sellers to consider whether or not they would give an item to their child before they bring it to us.

What will I find at the sale?

Each season offers different items and brands depending on what our consignors choose to sell. We always have clothing, shoes, and accessories for children (sizes preemie thru teen sizing), occasional we offer maternity clothing and accessories. We also have toys for all ages, bedding, nursery furniture, strollers, swings, bouncy seats, car seats, infant items, outdoor toys, books, puzzles, games, DVDs, and much more!

Do I have to pay admission to enter the sale?

There is no fee to shop our sale. When it’s open to the public, anyone is welcome to shop the sale. We do offer a number of paid and free ticketed presales which help to stagger shopping and offset the cost of running the events.

How often do you have sales?

We usually host events in the Spring and again in the Fall. We also offer a number of specialty events such as Holiday events and online selling opportunities. 

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