Shopper Returns

The following items have been rejected/returned during shopper pick up and agreed to be * unacceptable by our KidStuff Sale inspection guidelines.  These items must be picked up and claimed by 1pm tomorrow, Thursday, January 28th or they will be discarded.   The only exception is #1207/2090 – this item must be picked up as we have no way of discarding it.  Seller 1207 please call or text  Suzette 502-209-9899 and let her know your plan to pick it up.  We will post Thursday’s returns tomorrow. So far so good – this is a very low % of total items – and there were a number of requested returns that were turned down as the items were FINE.  Thank you Tracy S. for all our hard work on handling buyer returns for KidStuff Sale.  Not a fun job! We all appreciate you, Tracy.

Shopper Returns Barcode
Poor/ Unacceptable condition 1207-2090-50.00-1
pilly 1045-2644-3.00-1
hole 1133-3567-4.00-1
shrunk 1171-4450-4.00-1
stain 1172-4759-3.50-1
stain, pilling 1247-2973-7.00-1
broke cd player 1247-3323-7.00-1
stains 1366-4172-3.00-1
wrong shirt 1396-929-5.00-1
Bad condition, flaking and cracked 1576-2545-5.00-1
missing 1606-2989-3.50-1
hole 2058-1003-5.00-1
tear on dress buttons dangling 2103-1175-4.00-1
stains 2184-2775-3.00-1
Stain on sleeve 2219-667-12.50-0
dated / poor condition 2378-608-7.00-1
broke 2388-402-25-00-1
elastic is streched out 2799-1232-3.50-0
stain 2882-774-3.00-1
stain 3067-651-4.00-1
wrong size noted on store 3067-827-3.00-1
stain on sleeve 3274-188-6.00-1
wrong shirt 3291-33-6.00-1
dated / poor condition 3298-164-4.00-1
missing shoe inserts 3345-136-3.00-1
old & stains 3397-255-5.00-1
stains 3397-291-6.00-1
Suzette Decker in the founder and owner of KidStuff Sale. With Suzette’s unique seller/buyer match-making skills that she acquired from her years in real estate, she envisioned a fun and financially beneficial way she could bring families in her community together to buy what they need…and sell what they don’t. Wallah! And the rest is history with more than 25 years and counting serving Kentuckiana families.

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