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Whether you're a first-time consignor or a seasoned pro, this section is for you. Get all the details about how to be a virtual seller at KidStuff, register as a consignor, and more!
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How do I prepare for item entry?

  • Inspect ALL ITEMS prior to entering them in the system. Clothing should be free of stains, holes, piling, odors, and shrinkage. All items must be clean, non-damaged, and in working order. You are responsible for providing the item as described once the data entry period is closed. No cross-posting.
  • Determine where you will take the photos. Create an area with a clean, simple background and excellent lighting. Avoid shadows.
  • Organize your items by category. This will speed up item entry process (optional). A full category listing with subcategories is available in the category dropdown.
  • Brand/Description line. List the Brand first, then all other critical information on the first line. If no brand, start with item description (do not list N/A or Unknown). Add dimensions of items, such as artwork, and place a simple logo-free ruler in the image.
  • Deadline for item entry. Note deadlines for item entry and restock.
  • Seller Agreement. Locate and sign the electronic copy of your online seller agreement. Look for an email link!

What do I need to know for online entry?


CATEGORY. Choose the correct category for your items, or choose a category that would make sense to you if you were the one shopping for that item. Categories are how items will be organized in the storefront.

SIZE. This must be accurate! Do not sell items that have shrunk and no longer match the size stated on the manufacturer tag. When entering infant clothing, choose accurate range and put the exact label description on the tag.

BRAND (Description) Field. Include brand (if applicable or available) and important descriptors.

Ex: Radio Flyer Tricycle, Carter’s long sleeve onesie, navy, or Baby blanket, light blue, NWOT.

Use all the space provided!

DESCRIPTION Field. Use this space to continue to describe your item (i.e. Like New; pedals fold in!).

DECOR . All item descriptions must have dimensions to indicate size and scale. Place a logo-free ruler in the image if need be.

PICTURE. Use the tips listed above for photo entry. Only 1 photo upload per item or a collage of 2 pictures.

PRICE. Minimum price is $3.00. If you have items that are less than $3, then try to bundle. Books are a good example. DO NOT list an item valued at $1.50 for $3 to sell on half price day – sellers who price this way will be removed from the sale. Group items if need be.

DISCOUNT. Check the box if you would like your items discounted on the last day.

DONATE. Do not use this field. We will NOT donate your unsold items.

TRANSFERRED ITEMS. If allowed, transferred items must match our listed category/size options. You will need to edit the items and add a picture.

How do I package sold items?

  • Sold item tags must be printed on WHITE HEAVY WEIGHT PAPER, 67lbs or heavier.
  • Each item must be packaged separately and have a unique shopper barcode tag attached.
  • Outfits are folded and secured by rubber bands, safety pins, or clean baggies/bread bags.
  • Do not bundle items together that go to the same seller. Each must be scanned.
  • Use larger shopping bags for bulky items or ones with loose parts. Make sure pieces are secured and accounted for. secure the bag by knotting, taping, or stapling closed.

The sale is over! Now what?

Once the sale is over, you will prepare your sold items for seller check-in.

  1. Login and secure a seller check-in appointment time. This is when you will bring in your sold items to the venue.
  2. Watch for instructions on how to locate your SOLD ITEM barcode file. Print the sold item barcode tags and attach to your sold items.
  3. Plan to arrive at your scheduled appointment time.

How do I bundle items for check-in?

Once all the shopper barcodes are attached to sold items, you will bundle as follows:

1. Gather clothing and items by shopper code and pack in alphanumeric order.

2. Shopper baskets are arranged in alphanumeric order, and you will place items in each basket.

What happens at Seller Check-In?

  1. Pull up to the unloading area at the event venue.
  2. Unload your vehicle into the lobby/greeting areal and then park your vehicle away from the unloading area.
  3. Sold items will be scanned into our system to confirm all items are accounted for to fulfil shoppers orders.
  4. After items are scanned, sellers place items in shopper baskets by shopper order code.
  5. That is it! All done!