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Seller Guidelines

Quality items from everyone and every room in your home! Including the garage!!!!

Check out our What to Sell (Virtual) page.

What We DO NOT Accept

Dirty, stained, pilling, damaged, excessively worn items.

Items missing batteries.

Inoperable items.

Recalled items. Use this resource to search and verify if your baby gear, or other items, have been recalled: CSPC.GOV

Car seats manufactured more than six (6) years ago, unless an expiration date is listed on the car seat.

Baby bathtubs manufactured before October 2017.

Crib mattresses manufactured before August 16, 2022.

Drop-side cribs or cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011.

  • Clean items. Launder, wash and/or wipe down items with a wet or dry cloth.
  • Inspect ALL ITEMS prior to entering them into the system. Clothing should be free of stains, holes, pilling, odors, and shrinkage. All items must be clean, non-damaged, and in working order (including working batteries).
  • Determine where you will take the photos. Use a clean, simple background and excellent lighting. Avoid shadows.
  • Organize your items by category and size. This will speed up item entry process (optional).
  • Verify items have not been recalled. Recalled items will be assessed fees.
  • Measure items. Decor and furniture must have dimensions to indicate size and scale.
  • No cross-posting on other platforms. Fees will be assessed for items not brought to seller check-in.
  • You are responsible for providing the item as described once the data entry period is closed.

In your KidStuff Sale MyCM account, go to ‘Manage Items’, select ‘Add’ and follow the requirements below:

PHOTOS. Use the tips listed above for photo entry. Only one photo upload per item or a collage of ONLY two pictures. If you have items that are high value that you need to add additional photos, please use this link

CATEGORY. Choose the correct category for your items – or choose a category that makes the most sense if you were shopping for that item. Categories and keywords in descriptions are how items will be organized in the storefront. 

SIZE. This MUST be accurate! Do not sell items that have shrunk and no longer match the size stated on the manufacturer tag. When entering infant clothing put items in the LOWEST size of the range on the label and put the exact size in the description. For example, 6-12m clothing will be sized as 6m, then when you describe the item, list the size AFTER you type the brand, but before typing the description.

Ex: Carters, 6-12m, five onesies with stars

BRAND & DESCRIPTION Fields. Use all space provided in the “Brand” field before continuing to the “Description” field. These fields merge together when published on the storefront and allow for additional character entry. 

  • If no brand is identified, start with item description in the brand line. Do not list N/A, no brand or unknown That text will populate on the store and distracts from your description.
  • Do NOT start the brand line with numbers or special characters. 
  • Include specific size for size-range clothing (i.e. 6-12m).
  • Add dimensions of items such as artwork or home decor. 
  • Type as many characters as possible on the “Brand” line, including descriptions, before typing into the “Description” line. Add a space at the end of the “Brand” line so the words do not run together on the storefront.
  • Use keywords that shoppers will search when looking for items.
  • Use the following acronyms to shorten your terms and help get into the filters we create for you:
    • “NWT” – New with tag
    • “NIB” – New in box, new in package
    • “SMR” – Summer clothing (short sleeve, seasonal dresses, pants, etc.)
    • “WNT” – Winter clothing (long sleeve, seasonal dresses, pants, etc.).
  • Type manufacturers and expiration dates, where applicable (i.e. car seats, cribs)


BRAND: OshKosh, 12-18m, WNT, LS sleeper, (add space here)


Reads on storefront as:OshKosh, 12-18m, WNT, LS sleeper, narwhal, NWT, 12 months

(The “12 months” listed above is due to the size field pulling into the storefront for shopper convenience. This is why the manufacturer size should be listed after the brand.)

PRICE. Minimum price is $3.00. If you have items that are less than $3, then try to group items. Books are a good example. DO NOT list an item valued at $1.50 for $3 to sell on half price day – sellers who price this way will be removed from the sale

DISCOUNT. Check the box if you would like your items discounted on the last day. *RECOMMENDED*

DONATE. This field will be inactive for the virtual sale. 

** Suggestion: To expedite locating items that have sold once the sale is closed.* After entering, store items organized in item number order. Label storage boxes/bins with item number range for easy access.

For instructions on how to enter items, click here, for instructions on how to transfer items, click here.

Required Additional Item Information

  • Manufacture date for cribs*
  • Manufacture date for crib mattresses*
  • Manufacture date for car seats*
  • Expiration date for car seats, if listed*
  • Manufacture date for baby bathtubs*
  • Measurements for furniture
  • Measurements for decor, photo frames, etc.
  • Clothing sizes that are not exactly as listed on the tag (ex. 6-12 month tag vs. the category 6 month).

*These items will be pulled from the store if they are not listed. If additional space is needed to add information of the item, you may enter it here to get added to your item.

You may transfer items from previous sales, both in-person and virtual. It is extremely important that you inventory the items as you transfer them to the current sale.Sale in order for you to access the unsold items that you want to transfer. If two sales are close together, please be patient with our processes.

Login to the UPCOMING sale.

Select ‘Transfer Items’ from the main menu. Select the sale you want to transfer items FROM.

Select the items as you physically verify that it is still in your possession. Select ‘Transfer Items Now’.

Review the screen for transfer errors. Items may not transfer for various reasons.

Go to ‘Manage Items’ and verify the items transferred.

Add a photo if there was not a previous photo or if the photo needs to be updated. See Photo Tips below for guidance and instructions on how to add photos.

Ensure the item doesn’t have a ‘X’ next to it with red letters. If it does, you will need to make updates to the item. Just select edit and make any necessary changes.

Verify if any item descriptions need to be edited based on the Item Entry Requirements.

Check that you have not entered any items twice. Remove items mistakenly entered.

  • Lighting – Use natural lighting (preferred) or a well-lit area.
  • Clean all items – Wipe them down with a wet or dry cloth. Check for stains, rips, tears, holes, odor or damage.
  • Objects in the background of the photo – ONLY the object being sold should be displayed in the photo. 
  • Sideways photos – Photos that are taken sideways should be edited to be straight up and down before upload.
  • Items blending in with backgrounds – use a contrasting color (sheet, wood flooring, solid color carpet, etc.)
  • Collages No more than two/three photos, fit to the image. 
  • High value items that need additional photos, can be uploaded to this form.
  • Hands or feet in photos – no humans or body parts should be in photos, especially children.
  • Using rulers or objects to reference size – always type in dimensions. Do NOT photograph size-reference objects
  • Multiple items in photos – Only the single item being sold should be pictured unless being sold as a lot.
  • Photo App – we recommend checking out the paid version of PhotoRoom. This app will allow you to take photos and easily remove the background or add various background options. *Photos taken with the free version containing the PhotoRoom logo will be removed from the store front. 


Adding Photos

Select the box to the left of the item.

Select “Edits” at the bar at the top of the item list.

Select “Edit Photo(s)” from the drop-down menu.

Click the blank image box and you will be prompted to locate the file to upload your image. 

When your image appears on the page, select “Update”.

When the page is finished loading, select “Close”.

At this point you will see an icon on the left side of your item. 


Editing or Replacing Photos

Select the box to the left of the item.

Select “Edits” at the top bar of the item list.

Select “Edit Photo(s)” from the drop-down menu.

Select “Remove” under the image.

Click the blank image box and you will be prompted to locate the file to upload your image.

When your image appears on the page, select “Update”.

When the page is finished loading, select “Close”.

At this time the icon next to the item should reflect the new image.

We like to keep track of our items during a sale. If you’re looking for your items during the sale, there are a few things you want to know.

You will NOT see your items sold in MyCM until after the Virtual Storefront closes and all data has been migrated back to MyCM.

You can search the virtual storefront by your seller ID in the KidStuff store global search bar. 

Your items will populate on the screen IN ADDITION to any other items that contain your seller # somewhere in the underlying data – don’t worry if you see other items listed when you search your seller ID – ignore those items.

If your item is missing, here are a few scenarios that may have occurred:

  • It may have been SOLD. Items will still be listed, and show SOLD for a short period of time, then they will be purged from the storefront to ease the burden on the website.
  • It may have a data upload issue. Login to MyCM and look for an error with the photo. There will be a broken photo link. If you have a photo issue, you cannot fix it once the sale transfer has occurred. Use this link to upload a new photo. 
  • It may have a data upload issue. Check your EMAIL. We will notify sellers of issues with data upload immediately. 
  • If none of these apply, your item more than likely sold and you’ll earn $$$.
See our FAQs if you have concern or question about items in the storefront.

Once the sale is over, you will tag and package your sold items for seller check-in.

  • Print the sold shopper barcode tags and attach to items.
  • Login and verify your seller check-in appointment time to bring in your sold items to the venue.
  • Plan to arrive at your scheduled appointment time.


Generating Shopper Barcode Tags:

Once you receive the email about uploaded sales, you can generate and print shopper barcode tags.
  • In the Settlement Report tab of MyCM, select “Print Sold Item Labels”.
  • All labels will generate in a pdf file.
  • Verify all labels were generated for sold items. See below for instructions.
  • Sold item tags must be printed on WHITE HEAVY WEIGHT PAPER, 67lbs or heavier.
  • Send to one of our print partners or print at home!


Verify All Shopper Barcode Tags Generated:

In the Manage Items tab of MyCM, sort “Item Sold?” to see sold items, only.

Cross check this list with your “Sold Items Labels” in the Settlement Report tab to ensure everything was captured. If you cross check this list before printing to paper, this will save paper/ink if something was missed.

*Sort items by alphanumeric shopper code for quicker drop off

  • Sold item tags must be printed on WHITE HEAVY WEIGHT PAPER, 67lbs or heavier.
  • Each item must be packaged separately and have a unique shopper barcode tag attached.
  • Each barcode must be scanned, all barcodes must show on the SAME SIDE of the package if bundling by shopper code ID.
  • Clothing and outfits are folded and secured in clean baggies/bread bags.
  • Use larger shopping bags for bulky items or ones with loose parts. Make sure pieces are secured and accounted for secure the bag by knotting, taping, or stapling closed.
  • Box or package delicate and fragile items as if you were shipping via USPS to prevent from breaking. There will be many items bagged together and items will be touched again on inventory.
  • Car seats must have a completed car seat checklist attached when brought to the venue. The checklist can be found here.

Check out our examples

Preparing for a Smooth Check-In

Once all the shopper barcode tags are attached to sold items you will organize as follows:

Gather clothing and items by shopper code and pack in alphanumeric order into a storage bin, box, bag, or whatever you’re using to transport the items.

Shopper baskets are arranged in alphanumeric order, and you will place items in each basket. This is why it is best to organize in this manner before you arrive at the venue.

At Seller Check-In

  1. Pull up to the unloading area at the event venue.
  2. Unload our vehicle into the lobby/greeting area and then park your vehicle away from the unloading area.
  3. You will scan all sold items into our system to confirm all items are accounted for to fulfill shopper orders.
  4. If anything is missing, broken, or didn’t make it to the venue despite being sold, give those tags to the check in person.
  5. After being verified by a KidStuff Sale Team Member, sellers place items in shopper baskets by shopper barcode tag. Allow yourself ample time to sort your sold items.
  6. That is it! All done!
Allow 30-60+ minutes depending on how many items you sold. Only Sellers are allowed in the order area – seating will be provided for children who must attend check-in



  • KidStuff Sale uses PayPal to transfer seller proceeds 10-14 days after the event. 
  • If you already have a PayPal account that has the same email as your KidStuff Sale registration, email you are good to go. 
  • If your PayPal account was created with an email that differs from KidStuff Sale registration, login and add your KidStuff registration email as the secondary email.
  • If you do not have a PayPal account go to and click on Sign Up – or you can wait until you are prompted when receiving our proceeds email from KidStuff Sale.
  • Once you receive your proceeds, you can deposit your sales directly into your personal bank account or shop using PayPal.
  • If PayPal is not an option for you KidStuff Sale will mail paper checks (less an $7 processing fee) once unclaimed funds are returned to KidStuff Sale. It is a PayPal policy to return unclaimed funds 30 days after the date of issue.
  • Question about PayPal? Contact PayPal customer service at 888-221-1161.


Filters are generated unique to each sale after the data has been transferred from MyCM. These are created manually by item type and the information are derived from the text sellers input in the brand and description fields.

Examples of terms we use for filters are shorts, skirts, pants, leggings, t-shirts, uniform, Christmas, Halloween, 5 x 7, canvas, scrapbook, candles, etc. Having proper spelling makes a difference as to whether or not the filter will grab the item.

Because of the number of items in some item types, there will only be filters for the majority within the category.  If the category in general has a minimal number of items, we won’t spend time on the filter because it’s quick to see all of it. The storefront still has the search function and size filter shoppers can utilize to find your items.


  • Use acronyms listed below when describing items.
  • Check spelling – especially on previously entered items.
  • Use all of the text characters in the brand field. before using the description field to get the most out of describing your items. 
  • Don’t use filler words – beautiful, cute, etc – shoppers will be the judge of that.
  • Explain the item, not just the Brand, color and condition.


Coming soon…we will be publishing a document with terms you can use as text in your brand/description fields to help capture your items in the filters, this is just an extra perk we offer.



  • NWT – new with tag
  • NIB – new in box (new in package)
  • SMR – summer (clothing)
  • WNT – winter (clothing)
  • GUC – good used condition
  • EUC – excellent used condition
  • LS – long sleeve
  • SS – short sleeve

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