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What is KidStuff Sale?

KidStuff Sales are consignment events designed specifically with families in mind. We provide quality clothes, toys, furniture, equipment, and accessories at discounted rates. We have everything you need for your kids! We offer families the ability to buy quality items at a discounted rate PLUS the chance to earn extra income as consignors!

How do I become a seller?

Click here to learn more about consigning. We provide detailed, step-by-step directions to help you navigate the tagging software, item preparation and pricing, and drop-off. It’s easy!

Why is participating in the KidStuff Sale better than having a garage sale?

We do most of the work for you! You just prepare your items and bring them to the sale location. We handle all of the marketing and advertising, and you benefit from our existing customer base of eager shoppers. You just pick up your unsold items and your earnings. No pesky negotiations! Our shoppers are looking for quality used items and are willing to pay a reasonable amount for them. Learn More

What is Discount Day?

The last day of each KidStuff event is a 50% discount day. Some events will also have a 25% discount period before the items switch to 50% discount. We do this to increase the sales of remaining items on the last day of the event, meaning fewer items and more money for you to take home!

What is KidStuff Virtual Sale?

KidStuff Virtual Sales are consignment sales that take place online – selling and shopping from the comfort of your home! Sellers enter items along with a photograph, and KidStuff Sale takes it from there! Shoppers purchase from our online storefront and pickup purchases curbside. We offer families the ability to buy quality items at a discounted rate and the chance to earn extra income!

How do I become a virtual sale seller?

There is a $10 registration fee to access the online item entry system. Sellers choose a check-in time to drop off SOLD items after the online sale. Sellers earn 67% and PayPal deposits are sent directly to sellers 10-14 days from shopper pickup. Super easy and FUN! Click here to learn more.

Still have questions?

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